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Friday Distractions: June 3rd, 2016

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It’s Friday, so let’s face it, you’re only half-capable of concentrating anyway. Ease your way into the weekend my friends with these Friday fun reads. There’s some long reads, video and a handful of my favourite blog posts from around the web. Enjoy! After 3 years working in Austria, I’m getting better at leaving the office on time, but the …

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How to Plan for the Expat Trip Home

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I hate to admit it, but I think the spreadsheet saved us. Planning a holiday with a spreadsheet is, for me, the opposite of fun. A small piece of my soul crawled up my throat and died when Stefan first suggested it. To be fair, he had good reason. The Backstory On our first trip to Australia in 2012, 3 …

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The never-ending battle with German

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It lurks, like a boil, or a heavy dull ache at the top of your neck. The kind of pain that hits from within your skull and reverberates outward. Thumping against the casing of your brain, until you can no longer take it. I’m talking of course about German grammar. And guilt. Oh so much guilt. I’ve been taking German …

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Brunch in Melbourne is INSANE

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I blame growing up in Melbourne entirely for my brunch obsession. Living there in my early twenties, walking distance from the now hugely hipster areas of Fitzroy, Collingwood and North Carlton absolutely destroyed my perception of what brunch ‘should’ be. See brunch at 22 years old was an institution for my ragtag group of friends. We were young theatre makers, artists, lawyers, writers, drinkers …

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The fear-mongers in my head need to shut the hell up.

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You were going to get a brunch post today. A detailed, colourful, happy-go-lucky update on the delicious and lovely brunch places we enjoyed in Melbourne, and why I reckon brunch in Melbourne is insane. And then Brussels happened, and all of that seems small and pointless and silly and insensitive. But also maybe like it’s those small joyous things like …

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Getting to the truth about life abroad

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There’re so many things I’m inspired to write about on this site – from the small everyday stories of local Viennese, to the big overseas adventures and travels I’m lucky enough to experience. The frustrating, ridiculous days of being an Auslander in Austria. The truly beautiful places Stefan and I discover on our weekend travels around Austria. The persistent and ongoing battle to …

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Getaway to the Grampians

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Strategically, we planned our 4 day Getaway to the Grampians at the start of our month-long holiday in Australia. Right after the first rush and excitement of being back in the bosom of our family, but just before the niggles of living in close quarters with your parents kicks in. And it. Was. Glorious. We hand fed wild Kangaroos and Cockatoos …

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Coming Home

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Here’s the thing: coming home always takes 2 – 3 weeks to properly recover from. Even when it’s been a gloriously fun, sunny, brunch-filled trip like we had: Returning to Australia is kinda like being in a tornado (or so I assume from multiple viewings of the 1996 Helen Hunt classic movie, Twister.) All of your intense family conversations, wine-fuelled …

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A very Aussie Christmas

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It’s been a gorgeous Christmas. Coming back to family, the beach and hot summer sunshine in Melbourne felt as natural as pulling on a reliable pair of togs (that’s bathers or swimmers to those not fluent in Aussie-speak 😉 ) We started in the countryside… Then headed to inner city Melbourne to stroll the busy streets and catch up with friends. Legoland …