A very Aussie Christmas

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It’s been a gorgeous Christmas. Coming back to family, the beach and hot summer sunshine in Melbourne felt as natural as pulling on a reliable pair of togs (that’s bathers or swimmers to those not fluent in Aussie-speak 😉 )

We started in the countryside…

Xmas in the Bush


Then headed to inner city Melbourne to stroll the busy streets and catch up with friends.

Lego tree

Legoland Christmas tree at Fed Square – the elf has a cricket bat!!


Outdoor BBQ’S with friends are a summer staple

Christmas day itself was just immediate family, at our small beach house in Anglesea. We slept in, unwrapped our gifts and had a relaxed meal together before heading to the beach at around 4pm.(We’d been lucky to avoid the nearby bushfires so opted to stay close to home until the conditions cleared up.)

Xmas lunch


Yes, we eat a full roast meal in 30+ degree weather because..umm…British tradition?  

Beach footy

Shortly followed by beach sports in the sun

Xmas day


That’s smoke from the nearby bushfires on the horizon – we were thankfully  further around the Coast.


Christmas Beach fun

Dorky Christmas Card – nailed it. 

It’s a fairly different Christmas to our last few Austrian celebrations in the snow, surrounded by mountains and drinking glüwein, but I reckon Stefan is getting the hang of a sunshine and surf celebrations. We’re definitely the luckiest kids on the planet to celebrate together, between two incredible countries with the people we love.

How did your Christmas look? I’d love to see your snapshots of the holiday break in the comments, and hope you had as much silly dorky fun as we did!

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