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Best Brunch Spots in the 7th District, Vienna

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Finding a good brunch spot in the super-hispter 7th district of Vienna is kiiiiiiinda like trying to find the sky – it is everywhere, always. Of all the districts in Vienna, the 7th is undoubtedly overflowing in coffee shops, edgy fashion/coffee/art stores and many delicious brunch spots.

But not all brunch is created equal – so as we head into the weekend you can arm yourself with this selection of the best brunch spots in the 7th. Whether you’re hungover, a busy mama, hosting your family visits or just need a late breakfast, these are the spots I’d reccommend for you.

Brunch in Vienna 7th District Austrian Adaptation

1 Strudls

Have you heard of Strudls? Serenely placed on popular Siebensterngasse, it often gets skipped over in favour of the more popular 7*stern cafe nearby, but you are much more likely to get a table at Strudls. Though there’s only a few small spots, the decor in here is light & bright with a hexagonal theme. Yes, I did just say hexagonal theme – apparently it’s a thing.

Brunch in Vienna 7th District Austrian Adaptation

Strudl is a fantastic place for a sweet brunch, probably with a girlfriend or your mum. There’s a super minimalist menu for breakfast – but they nail the options. There’s a classic ‘Wiener’ breakfast with standard homemade bread, 1 soft boiled egg, homemade marmelade and cheese. A Vegan menu and ‘The Exclusive’ with salmon, avocado, truffel-oil scrambled eggs, museli, cheese and a glass of prosecco/orange juice.

Brunch in Vienna 7th District Austrian Adaptation

Even if you don’t come for breakfast, the perfectly flaky strudels made here are to die for. The pastry crumbles at just the right moment, and the variety of sweet and savoury strudls are always changing.

In short – Strudls is a secretly amazing brunch option in the 7th!

Go here with: Your mum, your girlfriends, your sassy gay husband.

Can I book a table? Yes! They have an easy online booking system here.

Will it be expensive? €8 – €15 for a brunch menu

Brunch in Vienna 7th District Austrian Adaptation

2 Sneak In

This place is definitely for the cool kids. They are always hosting funky sneaker exhibitions, art installations and cool second-hand clothing markets from fashion bloggers. Buuuuuut the breakfast is also good, so even if you don’t need to see and be ‘scene’ you can come by here for a fun brunch and do some serious people watching.

Brunch in Vienna 7th District Austrian Adaptation

A cute touch here is the way they serve their meals – on bread boards with rustling baking paper, which sounds weird but is actually super cute. My favourite here is the french toast – normally a simple dish, but their way of doing it is super light and fluffy and the golden syrup is always the right proportion. Sneak In is great for hungover brunch, or if you want to show your visiting friends the ‘cool’ side to Vienna beyond palaces and classical music.

Brunch in Vienna 7th District Austrian Adaptation

Go here with: Your visiting friends from other cities, your sassy gay sidekicks, your blogger friends, your tinder date

Can I book a table? Yes! They actually host events here too so if you have a larger group this is a good option.

Will it be expensive? Individual dishes are between €5-8.50 or on Sundays they have the brunch buffet where you can go nuts on food for €18 between 10am and 3pm. The buffet is huge – fruits, granola, museli, sweet cakes and tarts, and of course many kinds of meat, cheese and bread. This is Austria!

3 Figar

This is an old favourite of mine – it was one of the first places in Vienna I found decent avo on toast.

Now of course, every second cafe is serving avocado toast and flat whites (which makes my Melbourne hipster heart SING) But Figar will always be the first I remember from 2012. The sign of their success is that since then, they’ve opened a second outlet in the 4th district and a whole range of popups throughout Vienna, so you know they are doing something right.

Decor here is simple but fun – artwork on the walls and tightly packed in tables, which means you probably will be elbowing your neighbour now and then on a busy day. The menu options are plentiful – including a whole page of egg dishes, but it’s their Eggs Benedict and straight up Avocado on Joseph Brot bread that gets me every time.

Go here with: Your sister, your best friend, maximum of 2-3 friends as its quite small!

Can I book a table? Yep, their website makes it easy, and honestly if you want to get a seat on weekends you need to book a table.

Will it be expensive? A kipferl bread with marmelade is €4,  the most expensive brunch items are the multi ingredient breakfast combos at €9.50

Brickmakers Pub & Kitchen - Austrian Adaptation

4 Brickmakers Pub and Kitchen

Something a little bit different – these guys do proper British style breakfasts, with the occassional American touch thrown in. Hot Dogs for brunch, anyone? You can read my full review of the Brickmakers Brunch here, but it is definitely an option if you are looking for some cosy porridge or a big fry up that can spill into post brunch afternoon beers.

Brunch in Vienna 7th District Austrian Adaptation

There’s very much a pub feeling at Brickmakers, and often for brunch there will be loud groups or families making it rowdy (by Vienna standards). Don’t let that put you off though, because the food here is to die for. The chefs at Brickmakers are exceptional, even if the service is a bit spotty.

Go here with: Group of friends the morning after, family group, native English speakers for a touch of home

Can I book a table? Yep, and it definitely helps if you do, otherwise you end up loitering in the entrance for ages feeling awkward while they try and find you a table.

Will it be expensive? Hmmmm….Porridge is good for €4.90, Avocado on toast for €8.50, Eggs Benedict €8.50. I always get way too excited about the sides here and order more so I think that’s why it always adds up to more!

5 Kussmaul

Fancy ladies brunch time here. Kussmaul has a gorgeous terrace that sits on picturesque Spitalberg, looking out over the cobbledstone streets and houses from 150 years ago. It’s a picture perfect location and their menus are a feast of creative, fancy food options.

To be honest, the biggest appeal is their mimosas and brunch cocktail add ons, but this is definitely a ‘once every now and then’ brunch spot. You can read my initial review here. 

Go here with: Classy girlfriends, your partner, your parents visiting from out of town, that co-worker you’ve been trying to impress with how classy you are

Is it expensive?: Yep. This is fancy brunch. €10.50 – €11.50 for a menu, €4.90 for a smoothie.

Brunch in Vienna 7th District Austrian Adaptation

6 Erich

I’m including Erich because it’s the slightly less glitzier brother to the super popular Ulrich – even though each cafe is literally up the street from the other. Erich has a rotating delicious menu, gorgeous outdoor terrace area and is nestled in a cute hideaway corner of the 7th district, off Burggasse.

My favourite thing about Erich is that brunch is available everyday between 10am and 4pm. So no matter if you’re visiting Wien or just find yourself with a day off in the middle of the week, you can still enjoy an indulgent brunch date with your fine self. Their menu hits all the right spots – Eggs Benedict (€8.50), Acai bowls (€3-€5) and even some breakfast tacos.

Brunch in Vienna 7th District Austrian Adaptation

Decor wise, there’s cosy booth seats, and seperated rooms to the back and side of the main entrance – it’s definitely cosy, but not uncomfortably so. If you’re blessed with sunshine, definitely go for the terrace seats.

Go here with: Your besties, your partner, your mum….Erich is pretty universal really.

Can I book a table? Yes, and definitely should if you plan on visiting in the peak brunching hours between 10am-12pm.

Is it expensive? The breakfast tacos are €9.50 but everything else is in the €5-€8 range so not toooooo bad.

Brunch in Vienna 7th District Austrian Adaptation

7 Burggasse 24

I couldn’t leave off one of my favourite places in Vienna. I love Burggasse 24 not especially for the food or brunch, which is relatively standard and straightforward, but the atmosphere is very low key and relaxed. Sometimes you just want a chill brunch without music pumping from speakers, and Burggasse 24 is always a calm little oasis with plants overflowing, comfy couches, a rickety old piano in the corner and the second-hand clothes store connected next door.

They do really good, affordable brunch menus, with schnittlauch brot for just €3,20

Go here with: Yourself, your partner, your hipster friends who are into second-hand furniture and artsy chill time.

Can I book a table? You could try, but it’s just as easy to take your chances here.

That’s some of my favourites – what have you found in the 7th district for brunch? Let me know in the comments!


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