Landkind Brunch Vienna Review

Brunch in Vienna: Landkind Bauernladen & Marktcafe Review

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Our honest and unbiased review of brunch in Vienna at Landkind Bauernladen & Marktcafe

There’s a mini-revolution happening in the west side of Vienna, and it is damn delicious. After years of trekking into the 4th or 7th districts for decent brunch (see the best brunch of the 7th district here) now the 15th district is finally coming into its own for hot brunch and coffee spots.

There’s a few I’ve already shared with you guys – Das Augustin, GOTA Coffee, Jausenation Meierei – and now we have a new contender. I don’t want to give in to hyperbole but this place is by far one of the tastiest brunch spots we’ve been to in years.

Brunch in Vienna Landkind Review

Landkind Bauernladen & Marktcafe is a tiny deli-cum-cafe in the revived Schwedermarkt, that evokes rough and ready Berlin-style local joints. With just a few tiny tables, greenery and splintering second-hand furniture to perch on.

Tiny spaces can be deceiving though because this place packs a punch for quality brunch! *boom tish*

Brunch in Vienna Landkind Review

The deli uses only locally sourced and sustainably produced ingredients, hand picked by the owners for their quality and production methods. Sourcing from nearby farmers and very often from the market stalls outside their door, the menu is always changing, depending on season and availability of ingredients.

To give you an idea of how good this place is and the quality of their ingredients, Stefan and I were fantasizing for three weeks about the butter from here while on our recent holiday, let alone the meats, cheese and chutneys. The butter itself is pure farm-made butter, with such creamy tasty goodness you have to experience it for yourself.

Here are just some of the reasons you’re going to love brunch in Vienna at Landkind.

Review of brunch at Landkind Bauernladen & Marktcafe

The Food

Everything here, from the bread, the chutneys, the milk and the heavenly butter is locally sourced and produced, making it a sustainable choice for your brunch indulgence.

The menu has your basic brunch items – eggs the way you like them, Semmel and spreads, schnittelauchbrot and a pfandl of eggs with seasonal ingredients.

Every Saturday there’s a two-person share platter available, which gives you the option to pick and choose combinations of the freshest ingredients. You’ll get two soft-boiled eggs, your choice of two spreads, 2 cheese and meat picks and can add a coffee or tea. I’d heartily recommend you split this with your brunch date!

Brunch in Vienna Landkind Review

The so-called ‘Saturday love for 2’ share plate is also an excellent excuse to return regularly and try different combinations of small dishes.

The serving sizes are well chosen, not too large, so you won’t be leaving scraps on the plate, but not so tiny and fancy that you have to order 5 things to be filled up. There’s small but satisfying bowls of cheese, marmalade, spreads and some fresh bread to combine however you see fit.

Brunch in Vienna Landkind Review

Overall, the food is the best quality brunch I’ve had in Vienna. We’ve returned multiple times to verify that!

Consistent, interesting, tasty and well sized so nothing goes to waste. The fact that it’s all local farmers food is a double win in my books.

The coffee also holds its own here, though true connoisseurs can hop across to nearby GOTA Coffee if you want to be served by the best barista in Austria.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love exploring the produce available in the deli section of Landkind after your brunch.

Brunch in Vienna Landkind Review

Even their wine selection looks delicious, though we are yet to visit in the evening – it’s on our list!

Brunch in Vienna Landkind Review

The Vibe

Landkind is tiny, there’s at best 4-5 tables inside and 2-3 outside on the terrace so the atmosphere is cosy, local, but so friendly. The place is owned by siblings Benedikt and Nina and Nina’s husband Stefan, so very much a family affair. You can feel in the way the place is run, so welcoming, that it’s built from a love for food and community.

Despite Vienna’s reputation for grumpiness, the team here are chatty, friendly and personable – even if you are the dorks who turn up 5 minutes after they open, desperate for breakfast because you’re so excited to try theirs.

Brunch in Vienna Landkind Review

The vibe, therefore, is overall very friendly, homely and down to earth, with an eye to supporting the community in the fledgling hotspot of Schwendermarkt.

There’s a sprinkling of hipster edginess with the second-hand furniture and art on the walls claiming ‘It’s a beautiful day to masturbate’  but plenty of families, with young toddlers or grandparents, have been spotted enjoying themselves.

So it’s cool, but not painfully so.

Brunch in Vienna Landkind Review

Recommended for: Couples, young families with 1 child (absolutely no stroller space inside), your open-minded parents, 20-30 somethings who love good food but still want to hear each other speak over breakfast.

Price and Location

Location is in the hidden corner of Schwendermarkt, at the very top end of Mariahilferstrasse.

The easiest option to get there is to take the tram #58, #52 or #60 and alight at Rustengasse. Alternatively, you can get the U4 to Schonbrunn station and take a stroll away from the palace to get here. Why not explore some of the side streets along the way!

Price wise, you can get a small brunch item like the bread with herbs sprinkled on top for just €3 or the share platter for two is €16. Extremely reasonable pricing for the quality of food you’re getting!

The Essentials

  • Address: Schwendergasse 29, Stand 16, 1150
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday – Friday 9am to 9pm, Saturday 9am – 3pm. BEWARE they do not open on Sundays for brunch, you will be disappointed if you try!!
  • Reservations not available, and seats are limited, so try not to arrive at peak brunch time. Although they will probably just grab you another fold out stool and squeeze you in somewhere if they can.

Brunch in Vienna Landkind Review

Overall, if you can’t already tell, I’m in love with this tiny but mighty brunch spot. The atmosphere, the food and the mission to support local businesses and farmers means you’ll very likely catch me in Landkind this Saturday morning! See you there?

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