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Friday Distractions: 14th October, 2016

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Happy Fri-yay!

Like all creative people rocking the work-life-creative-side-hustle balance, I’ve found that sometimes your brain screeches to a grinding halt from overwork. It throws on the brakes, hands in the air and cries ‘enough! Now you must rest!’ and you find yourself lost in an internet rabbit-hole scrolling Pinterest at 1am looking for non-starfish beach wedding decor. Or, uh, so I’ve heard. *Ahem*

What I’m saying here guys – it’s ok to give your brain a break. To take 20 minutes away from your work, switch off your stress and eaaaassseee into the weekend.

Let me help you with that with these Friday Distractions…..

After visiting Edelstoff markets last weekend, I can verify this article from Vienna Würstlestand still holds true: How to be a Hipster in Vienna

Do NOT read this if you are taking a flight this weekend. It’s stuck with me all week but a fascinating read at automation & our travelling lives.

Holly has a super handy guide to Greetings & Goodbye’s in Vienna

Speaking of German – I started a new course this week and you guys, I think it might be the one. I actually ENJOYED the whole class. This article on Why being Bilingual helps keep your brain fit reminded me why continuing to learn is so important.

Video: You have to watch this radio announcers face as he destroys a caller with logical arguments. The despair is real. ‘Which EU law are you most looking forward to losing’ 

Love this from Vicky about living the 30-something life On being old, and getting older

 Like Jaime, I sometimes feel like a dick talking about how happy and lucky I am with Stefan when around my single or unhappily coupled friends. This post captures those small moments of happiness perfectly. 

Those readers who subscribe to my newsletter will know that recently shit got real on the wedding front (which is my charming way of saying – he proposed in Greece). I’m only just starting to research how the hell to plan a destination wedding, but this guide from Janey has some excellent pointers. Dear lord save me from wedding hype.

I’ve been flirting with the idea of independent working and co-living for months now as a pipe dream, and Leah’s guide to co-living and co-working in Fuerteventura definitely helped explain the realities of the lifestyle.

And this tiny little OH MY GOD CAN’T BELIEVE IT HAPPENED thing from this week – I’m now a published Lonely Planet writer. The 10 best places to unwind in Vienna.


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  1. Awww congrats on the engagement! Hope you enjoy the wedding planning and don’t get as overwhelmed as me 😉
    Enjoy it all xx

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