Friday Distractions for You: October 11th, 2018

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Happy Friday lovelies! What better way to kick off the weekend than with a bunch of interesting articles, fun videos and distractions for your afternoon at work.

Here’s the best of the web that I’ve come across the last little while; some quirky, some political, some downright silly, but all of it curated for someone like you – fun, travel loving folk who love a coffee and a wine, with a side of smart chat.

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Travel Inspo

Loved this ode to Austrian jause platters and wine country in Styria from the Travel Lab blog

Roma & Russ have me dreaming of a cheeky weekender in France if we need any more excuses to visit!

Helene’s piece about life in Germany as an Expat is stirring up some controversy – see what you think: What I Hate about Living Abroad

Christina has the lowdown on Munich’s Christmas Markets which already has me freaking out about how close Christmas is!

This piece from Liv Hambrett gets you right in the feels as a woman or mum living abroad




Sali Hughes on the need to just ‘crack on’ with sex in a long term relationship

Am all about this right now: The joy of saying ‘no’

This one is for my Australian, footy fan readers: How Collingwood became the most hated team in the AFL

A deep dive into one mans quest to ride the worlds most epic wave

Controversial takedown of Colin Firth’s Mark Darcy being a terrible romantic hero

I am 100% becoming an Everlane addict – this sweater has been on super high rotation since it got delivered, such a good, affordable, sustainable basic for this weird between season

This article has been doing the rounds everywhere: Everything you know about obesity is wrong

There is nothing more early 2000’s throwback than this headline: Mischa Barton joins the cast of the Hills

Lastly a weirdly charming profile of Nicolas Cage (yes, really!)



Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and as always if you have any questions about travel or life in Austria, I’d love to hear from you! Hit me up in all the usual spots; Facebook, Insty and good old fashioned email here.


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