Friday Distractions: July 21st, 2016

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What a whirlwind of the week. 2016 just keeps coming with the punches. Have you been taking care of yourself amongst the madness? If not, grab a coffee, (maybe some ice-cream) and dive into this weeks Friday Distractions for a well-deserved time out.

The always brilliant team at Vienna Würstlestand created some Viennese emoji’s and they are spot. on. Waiting for the official release!

In less fun Austrian news, the Glaciers are melting in the mountains , faster than ever before.

Which is the greatest European country for cheese? These are at least the top 5 contenders. Five European Destinations for Cheese. 

Working for a startup myself, it’s always nice to hear about the power ladies behind the scenes. Belinda Johnson has been spreading the ‘love not war’ credo at AirBnB.

Other inspiring lady stories: 90 year old woman quits Cancer treatment to travel the world. 

I was lucky enough to catch up with Drew & Julie from Drive on the Left in Stockholm this week (squee!!) they have some fantastic tips for 15 Best European Road Trips. Definitely going on the bucket list.

Another lovely travel-couple I met from the TBEX digital influencers conference were Andrew & Emily from Along Dusty Roads. They shared 5 excellent tips with So, you want to be an expat? after their experiences in South America.

Good news for writers and the storytellers amongst us: Good Storytellers are Happier in Life and Love

Becki from Borders of Adventure uncovered the artsy side to Linz.

My 16 year old inner emo-kid FREAKED OUT at the thought of My Chemical Romance reuniting, only to be told hours later it was all a tease. I’ll quietly put all that black eyeliner down and return to adult life then, shall I?

For the food-loving book nerd in all of us 19 of Roald Dahl’s Most Important Food Inventions.

Last week was all about discovering Stockholm and I cannot wait to share some pictures and experiences with you guys…here’s a taster tease of just how gorgeous it is:

Just falling in love with Stockholm here…such an adorable waterside city! Excited to be here for TBEX and explore 😍

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Take care of yourselves this lovely weekend folks. My travel plans for August are looking insane (Slovenia, Toronto and Greece within the month!) so this weekend I’ll be taking things slowly in Vienna, lapping up the European summer energy while it lasts. Lazy walks across warm courtyards with ice-cream in hand will be the order of the day. If you’re planning anything fun in town let me know in the comments!


P.s If you’re in need of some summer inspiration, here’s a little summer luvin’ for you: Vienna’s summer Oasis, Best Summer Beach Bars Vienna and An Italian Getaway


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