Friday Distractions: June 10, 2016

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Your weekly Friday fun distractions are here! Grab a coffee or gin and tonic (no judgements) and ease into the weekend with these.

Wanderlust magazine UK has a look at Austria on a plate: 7 foodie experiences. Can confirm the cheese & milk from huts along the Kitzbühler Alpen are the best you will have in your life!

Men who marry smart women live longer. Let me be the first to say, you’re welcome Schatz.

Drew & Julie from Drive on the Left are facing the perennial expat problem: Expiring Visas. 

While Cheryl Howard has just renewed her Visa in Berlin and is looking back over the struggle with an eye to the future.

Rounding out the blogger expat news, Savannah Grace over at Shiporatum is loving her life in Holland! 

If you haven’t seen the Broadway Carpool Karaoke James Cordon did with Lin Manuel Miranda and Jesse Tyler Ferguson then get thee hence immediately to Youtube. This made me so nostalgic for my many theatre-kid house parties singalongs. I miss my theatre geek friends in Melbourne!

Whatever you do, don’t quit your job to fuel your passion. Another refreshing perspective from a freelance designer ‘What bothers me most is how we prop up the entrepreneurial class to be inherently brave and courageous. Let’s set the record straight.’

On a similar topic, I snort-laughed out loud reading this piss-take at the New Yorker: Why I quit my Job to Travel the World

Lastly, this is a fascinating photo essay on the eerily empty city centre of Ashgabat.

We went strolling Vienna’s city centre last Sunday – and man did it turn up the summer good vibes! Volksgarten has an incredible rose collection blooming now so visit and take your selfies there before they all wither in the heat.


This weekend I’m looking forward to the Esterhazygassen street festival. Live music, excellent food and a chilled out vibe. If you’re in Vienna come say Hi!

What are your weekend plans? Let us know in the comments!

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