GOTA Coffee Experts Vienna Review

GOTA Coffee Experts might be the best coffee shop in Vienna

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A full review of GOTA Coffee Experts in Vienna from a self-confessed coffee shop addict….

The white walls, with kitschy decor and hipster signage are par for the course in third wave coffee shops these days, but there’s something about GOTA coffee, a tiny cafe in Vienna’s forever up-and-coming 15th district, that sets it apart.

There’s more thought put behind the decor, the logo, the details, than a regular pop-up coffee shop, and when you start to look closer, you notice the love and passion for coffee that has gone into the place.

GOTA Coffee Experts Vienna Review

First – those aren’t just kitschy coffee decorations on the walls, they’re authentic coffee making machines from across the years, from the shiny French Press to the scientific looking Syphon, then the vintage looking grinders above the entrance archway.

Conveniently, they’ve named each so you can ask about them when ordering your coffee!

Then, you’ll spot the motto on the stark white walls – ‘We Harvest. We Roast. We Brew. We Serve.’ This is a coffee place doing more than just slinging espresso’s, they really invest a lot of time and thought into where they source their coffee brands and which business they support in their coffee supply chain.

With beans from all across the globe, Rwanda, South Africa, Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia and more, GOTA coffee walks the walk of supporting not just free-trade coffee, but directly sourced beans from farmers.

GOTA Coffee Experts Vienna Review

The store founder and Award-winning barista (seriously, he just won Austria’s Best Barista Award 2018!) grew up on a coffee farm in Peru, so knows his shit when it comes to good coffee. There are touches of the proud coffee heritage within the cafe, with black and white images of the Peruvian coffee farms and open bags of coffee beans, freshly imported on the wooden slatted shelving in the entrance.

But aside from the big picture stuff, how do I know this is one of the best coffee shops in Vienna? Well, it passed my entirely subjective test of an excellent brunch and coffee shop, that’s how! Let’s dive into the details.

The Coffee

Strong, but perfect.

My ultimate test these days in Vienna is to order a flat white coffee and see how the waitress takes the order, then measure the silky smooth goodness of the coffee itself.

Subjective, yes. Potentially unfair as flat whites have only recently become a ‘thing’ in Vienna? Sure. But it really does prove the chops of a modern coffee shop if and when they pull it off.

GOTA Coffee Experts Vienna Review

Flat white perfection

And oh man, the flat whites here at GOTA coffee are sexy sexy delicious brews.

As you’d expect from Austria’s top barista, these coffees are flawless. I’ve returned multiple times over the past few weeks (seriously, my loyalty card is already full!) and each time the milk foam is beautifully velvety smooth, with the right bite of strong coffee.

It varies slightly depending on the roasts of the week, but ultimately these coffees are great for a start of the day kick as they are quite strong and flavourful.

The Brunch

Though small, GOTA coffee experts does offer a weekend brunch menu and honestly, I wasn’t expecting much because their coffee is so top notch, I figured food would come a close second in quality.

As always, the universe laughed in my naive face because brunch here was not only delicious but healthy AND filling.

With just a handful of brunch options on the menu, you can still find something to suit your hunger. I had the hearty ‘Peruvian brunch’ menu which was a hipsters dream of a poached egg on top of a bed of quinoa, vegetables including sweet potato and smashed avo.

GOTA Coffee Experts Vienna Review

I don’t think I could fit more ‘cool’ ingredients in there if I tried, but who cares because this was filling and delicious, the perfect portion for a weekend brunch.

There are also some classics like streaky bacon with fried egg and optional avocado on bread, and singular orders of hot food as you wish. For something smaller and snackier there’s chia pudding with fruit and yoghurt options too.

GOTA Coffee Experts Vienna Review

Better still – there are deeeeeelightful cake options, if you want to round out your meal with something sweet and homemade. The banana bread I had was a bit dry, but every other cookie, brownie and sweet treat we tried has been fantastic.

GOTA Coffee Experts Vienna Review

All in all – an ideal brunch spot for two. I don’t think a group could squeeze in here, and it’s a bit cosy for a rowdy recovery-morning brunch, the vibe is more ‘parents popping by with strollers’ and friends catching up over coffee, but ideal when the sun is out to sit in the window seat or when it’s warm out on the small terrace.


I’m not exaggerating when I say GOTA Coffee Experts might be the friendliest service we’ve had in Vienna. Like, I don’t buy into the Vienna grumpy service thing, and make an effort to chat with all waiters, but here, the service is genuinely friendly and inviting.

You really have the sense they want to share with you where the coffee is from, what brunch option is best, and how the coffee making works.

GOTA Coffee Experts Vienna Review

We’ve been by more than once, at different times of day and it is always welcoming. There’s a real locals feeling when you walk in the door, and I really do not know why it took me MONTHS to pop by this lovely little spot.

Seriously, I rode past the cafe on the tram almost daily thinking – oh must try that out, and promptly forgot until the next day! Now, I’m regretting all that wasted time and lost coffee opportunities when I could have been enjoying this little gem.

It is small inside though, and with the growing notoriety of Junior, as Austria’s #1 barista, it’s getting progressively busier and harder to find a seat.

The guys do a great job of shuffling spare foldaway chairs, rearranging tables and popping up little crates for people to perch on outside, but when its busy it can be a tight squeeze. For our Saturday brunch date, we actually called ahead to reserve a table just to be sure we didn’t miss out!

The verdict?

My final review of GOTA Coffee Experts is – it’s easily the best coffee I’ve had in Vienna.

Other favourite spots like Supersense, Waldemar and my beloved brunch spots are good, but this flat white knocks them out of the park. From a coffee roast and strength side of things, then the actual making of the coffee on the spot. Every single one has been superb.

GOTA Coffee Experts Vienna Review

Already plotting my next visit…

It’s also just the right size for a local coffee shop to pop into on your way somewhere, or while away an hour or so over coffee and cake with friends. I kind of don’t want it to get tooooo popular as it might take away some of the charm!

Lastly, the passion and dedication of the owners is so evident here, you want to support them as a local business. Everything is so lovingly done and their attention to detail is magnificent.

There are artisanal coffee magazines on the tables, there are perfectly placed cushions and photos, and then when you realise the word ‘GOTA’ means ‘DROP’ in Spanish, your brain will light up as you recognise how utterly perfect even the logo is for this coffee shop.

Overall, I cannot resist GOTA Coffee Experts and have to hold back from daily visits. It’s cosy, modern, bright and friendly and the coffee is irresistible.

If you don’t live in the area, I promise, it’s worth making the trek to the top of Mariahilferstrasse in the 15th district just to try it once.

GOTA Coffee Experts Vienna Review

Practical Details

  • Where: Mariahilfer Str. 192, 1150 Wien
  • Opening Hours: 7am to 7pm Weekdays (a rarity in Vienna to open so early, god bless them!) and 8am – 4pm weekends
  • How to Get There: Take the #52 or #58 tram and get off at stop Rustengasse
  • Prices: €2.50 espresso, €3.50 cappuccino, €3.90 flat white

Have you tried this lovely little spot? Let me know in the comments if you’ve been and if not, what are you waiting for?!


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  2. The real measure of a “third wave”café is the espresso. Gota is first rate. There are a number of shops in Vienna that can pull an excellent espresso now, but Gota has a good claim to be the best.

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