Love Letter to Austria

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Its Valentines day. No matter if you’re single or loved up, a total cynic or an absolute sucker for all things V-Day, it cannot be avoided. This Valentines day, I thought I’d leave the sappiness and over-commercialisation aside and write a love letter to Austria. Cynics need not continue, this is a pure, unfiltered love letter detailing my fledgling love for Austria.*

What I love about you, Austria.


You are understated. The world may write articles and thrust attention on your better known sibling, Germany, but you, Austria, you’re playing it cool. You’re centrally located with a decent economy and some of the highest standards of living in the world – but you’re not shouting it from the rooftops. You’re all mysterious and sexy, keeping your success understated, letting the lifestyle speak for itself.

You’re so close to the rest of Europe. You couldn’t be more central! In a short flight or train ride I could be in Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain or London. You spoil me Austria, you really do.

Venezia couples shotYou can take cheesy lovers shots aplenty when it Italy

You’re (eventually) open to change. You may be one of the last countries to input a smoking ban in Cafe’s and Restaurants but dammit, you got there in the end!

Your Viennese waiters are hilariously grumpy. The ‘Wiener style’ of service is a unique and acquired taste, but to see it in action is a thing of beauty. There’s nowhere else in the world that I enjoy being treated like an inconvenience as when I’m in a Viennese coffee-house.

Your sexy snowfall in Winter. Anytime you coat the cities and little villages in the magic white powdery goodness, I’m completely smitten. I mean…look at how beautiful this is:

Snowy Tirol GardenTirolian Gardens

DSC06065Viennese snowy streets

 Your desserts. They literally hit the sweet spot – Kaiserschmarrn, Apple Strudel, Sacher Torte…you’re full of super sweet deliciousness.

You are pretty organised and clean. It may be boring but it is important!**

Your cultural programmes. From Vienna, to Salzburg to Linz, Graz, Innsbruck and everywhere in between there are vibrant & robust cultural programmes supported. From theatre to music to dance festivals, to art exhibits, interactive museums, public forums and free city events, you sure know how to treat this culture-vulture gal right.

Your wine. As we know, a little wine never hurt in the pursuit of true love, or lust for that matter. And you, Austria, make some damn good wine available at delightfully reasonable prices.

 VineyardsGetting up close to my wine supply in Perchtoldsdorf

You’re pretty fit. You keep yourself in shape, don’t think I didn’t notice all your damn fine outdoor activities and sporting enthusiasm, you sexy minx you.

Austria, I can’t hide the truth anymore, I think I have a crush on you. Will you be my Valentine?



* Don’t worry Australia, you’ll always be my first and strongest love – the beaches alone have you streets ahead!

** Directly paraphrasing this excellent Flight of the Conchords song – do yourself a favour and play it to your loved on this Valentines day!!

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