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Important first update of 2017 – you guys are absolutely amazing!

I thought making a readers survey would be super boring  (it’s there in the title, who ever got excited about a survey?) and probably embarrassing – what if nobody replied? What if my questions were dumb? But man oh man did you lovely folk prove me wrong! I was thrilled to receive so many genuine, sweet and well-thought out responses to the questions, it was a delight all round.

The coolest thing is that now, thanks to your generous ideas and input, there’s going to be a lot of little tweaks and changes to what you will see on the blog, based on your feedback.

Let’s crack on with the results, shall we?

Who You Are

-> 62% of you are female, 34% of you are male and the rest would rather not say. Gentlemen, welcome! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us, and a lovely surprise for me to see it relatively evenly split between both genders.

-> Age-wise, you are mostly in your twenties and thirties, with 34% between 26 – 34 years old, 31% between 35 – 45 years old and the rest split between slightly younger and slightly older demographics.

-> You all love coffee. When asked which is the coffee of choice, these were the results:

Coffee data is definitely the most important data.

On Austrian Adaptation

-> A whopping 40% of you first discovered Austrian Adaptation via Facebook, 30% from Google and some very awesome folk heard about the blog through a friend – so cheers for spreading the word!

-> 43% of you would love to see posts once a week, 37% are happy with once every two weeks, and the rest don’t really mind. Which means I’ll be aiming to get out posts once a week this year, as long as it doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity 😉

-> 34% of you prefer to hear about new posts via social media, 35% prefer via email when an article is published, while a cheeky 11% of you would like me to deliver new article notifications via carrier pigeon. That’ll be, uh, a work in progress….

-> Facebook is by far your favourite way to keep up to date on all things Austrian Adaptation, with 72% of you opting for that over any other social media channel. 24% like to follow along on Instagram, a bold 6% of you thought I should try creating on YouTube and literally zero percent of readers surveyed chose Snapchat as the preferred social media to follow along for updates. Weirdly, Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social accounts for Austrian Adaptation and there are some amazing conversations happening there… go figure… you can add me on Snapchat here to see what the fuss is about!

On Travel

This was my favourite section to read through, hearing about where you want to travel and read about travelling to in 2017!

-> When asked about what travel destination you would like to read more about on the blog, there was one very clear winner – regional Austrian destinations were, by a huge margin (74%!!), the most asked for. Which means more local getaways in 2017, hurrah! Coming in second were European city-break destinations at 28% and I personally loved the 17% of people who selected ‘How have you travelled to all these places and not written a post yet?!! HOW DARE YOU!’. You guys are my spirit animals.

-> When you travel, most of you are travelling with partners or family, and it’s normally only for a long weekend. Seems like we all gotta fit travel around work (you’ll have this song in your head for days now, you’re welcome), which is why I’ll be doing more Weekend Getaway guides this year and dragging Stefan along with me on our travels!

Who you travel with



How long you travel for

What You Want More Of

-> The topics or articles you would like to see more of are*

  • Living abroad articles 45%
  • Brunch, wine & restaurant guides 45.7%
  • Travel & destination guides 34%
  • Humourous random musings & rants (yassss!) 31.4%
  • How-To Guides for Vienna 32%

*Note recipients could select multiple options so percentages won’t add up, you bean counters out there!*

This is brilliant news, as now we have the perfect excuse to continue exploring new restaurants and brunch spots while travelling and ranting humorously!

Brunch in Melbourne

Oh the Brunches we’ll have.

-> When asked what you hate about the blog, you were all incredibly polite, selecting ‘nothing’ which makes me want to group hug you all at once

-> When asked what you liked most about the blog these were the most frequent responses:

Your humour’ ‘Honesty’ ‘I love the reality.’  ‘Refreshing honesty and kindness’ ‘Your sense of humour.’

Guys, stop. I’m Australian, we don’t handle compliments well, there’s this thing that happens where I just get awkward and mumble ‘yeah nah thanks mate’ then giggle idiotically when you’re so lovely, so we’re going to have to leave it there….

This is my ‘naw you guys’ awkward face – props to Michelle Mock photography for capturing it in a gorgeous setting!


Who got the brunch vouchers?

Let’s be real, this was the biggest question of all. I’ll be announcing the winners of the brunch vouchers on my Facebook page live on Sunday, 15th of January. There’ll be one voucher for Waldemar Tagesbar and one for Brickmakers Pub & Kitchen so you will definitely want to see who wins! If you ‘Like’ the page you’ll be notified as soon as we go live for the announcement.

Lastly, thank you all so much for getting involved in what this blog can be.

I love hearing your comments, emails and ideas on what you want to see more of – so don’t ever hold back or feel you need a survey to tell me what you really think! If there is something you are dying to know about Austrian life, coffee or travel then tell me – this blog is built to help anyone adapting to Austrian life or curious about European travel so questions and comments are always welcome.

I cannot wait to get started on writing about new parts of Austria, city-break weekend getaways and more deliciously cool places in Vienna for you guys. If you missed out on the survey, just pop a comment below sharing what you would like to see more of on this site in 2017.

Onwards and upwards to conquer 2017!


  1. Ooh I forgot to take the survey… put me down as a 26-34 year old who likes cafe lattes and email updates 🙂

    In all seriousness though, I found this blog a few years ago when I was about to take a one-way flight to Vienna and literally googled “how to be an Austrian” (I am an Austrian citizen, but grew up in Canada). Amid the light hearted posts about brunch, I love your blog because you serve up serious realness. Like, what it’s like to be out of the loop on important events back home because you insist on living life on hard mode halfway across the world. Or what it’s like to learn German – nuff said.

    Keep up the great work, your sense of humour, and the realness – I’d love to see more of those moments of cold hard truth. It doesn’t have to be all sunshine and avo on toast! Especially after being in Austria so long, surely the honeymoon phase has passed, but you still call it home.


    1. Author

      Erika, you are so right! The honeymoon phase is definitely over haha but I do keep finding new things to love about Austria, just in a different way – finding the balance between ‘this is the stuff that really shits me’ and ‘here is this WONDERFUL GLORIOUS THING’ is still my back and forth battle. But the honesty thing seems to be something everyone appreciates so I will most definitely be looking to keep that rolling Also, I’m totally borrowing your ‘life in hard mode’ phrase, that describes things exactly! Thank you for reading and letting me know your coffee order 😉 I plan to keep dishing up more good stuff in 2017 for you and really appreciate your input. Cheers!

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