Summers Day in Schönbrunn

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If you happen to find yourself in Vienna during a summer heat wave, let me share a little insiders secret trail to heavenly relaxation.

First, take yourself to the famous Schönbrunn Palace and marvel at the resilience of tourists who insist on sightseeing in 36°C and beating desert heat.


Its basically a desert wasteland – with a palace in the middle

Take a left away from the palace, away from the famous rose gardens and meander past the Marionette theatre until you reach these picturesque gates on the right hand side:

Schonbrunn Gates

Habsburg gardens don’t do understatement 

Pass through the gates and don’t be disheartened by the long, dry and dusty path ahead of you. The trees to the left and right will offer some slight relief from the heat.

Schonbrunn Walk

The snazzy Austrian man in green pants will definitely outpace you

If you stroll at a relaxed and steady pace for ten minutes, you’ll soon reach the following staircase, which may look insurmountable to your heat addled brain, but quite ordinary afterwards…

Stairs to Schonbrunner Bad

Your trek up the stairs will be rewarded with this magnificent view over the Egyptian Obelisk monument, the back of the palace and the simmering city skyline.

Monument View

Take your breather here and admire the view

At this point you will start to see children skipping and locals carrying what looks suspiciously like beach and bathing gear.

Strolling to the Bad

 Ignore the overly dedicated runner on the right, and follow the family with the swimming bag!

Suddenly, like a mirage (because who could imagine a swimming pool inside the palace grounds??) the Schönbrunner Bad will appear on your right hand side, and it will be a revelation.

A rolling hillside of green, a bright, clean and cooling pool, big enough for lap swimming, the occassional divebomb and lots of poolside lounging. Most importantly, it is cold and wet and so so soothing after your trek to get here.

Heavenly Pool

Simply pick your spot, splay your towel, and kick back for an afternoon of sunshine and relaxation. Of course because this is Austria, there’s options for activity available…

Beach Volleyball Court

 This particular round got very intense – volleyball is not for the faint of heart

 …but more exciting is the fact that you can order a drink from the on-site cafe and enjoy it while kicking back on the grass.


A secret royal pool including drinks and summery vibes? I’ll take that option any day of the week!


  1. I love your description of the walk to get there 😀

    I was in Vienna last month – we went to the zoo and then to the mazes. No interest in the castle itself 😉

  2. Saw this post just after reading the one about nudity in Austria. Now I’m confused – in the last photo I see lots of 2-piece bathing suits? Is there some sort of etiquette whereby the ladies lie out topless, but put on their bikini tops before walking around? Or is it a 50/50 mix of those who wear both pieces and those who don’t?

    1. Hm, these photos were taken at a public swimming pool, with lots of kids around, so people generally walk around in their swimmers, but may sunbathe topless. You get the feel for it when you’re here, don’t worry!

  3. You missed out the best part of going to Schönbrunn (to me)! 😀
    Every summer of my life I go to Schönbrunn with either peanuts or Hazelnuts (unsalted, guys! Why will be come clear in a minute!), and wander through the woods to the left of the Gloriette (seen from the Schloss). The squirrels and birds will all come and feed from your hands.
    Everybody needs a place to relax completely; that’s mine.

    1. Author

      Oh man I’ve never had birds eat out of my hand!!! Are you Snow White?? Haha sounds amazing must try the next time I’m there – thanks for the tip 🙂

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