Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

Supersense Cafe Vienna – an analogue treasure trove in a Venetian palace

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Our review and experience at Vienna’s unique Supersense Cafe in the second district.

The first thing you notice is the soaring arches, the golden stucco decoration sprawling across the walls, and the classical cursive handwritten signs.

Supersense Cafe would be beautiful enough as a former small palace for a Duke – but the real treasure here is in the analog cave of wonders down the back.

Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

Though it may not look like it from the outside, this little cafe and concept store has Austria’s best collection of beautiful analog technologies for you to tinker with, enjoy at your leisure and buy.

There are old typewriters lovingly restored, the worlds largest Polaroid camera (no shit this thing is HUGE) and 1950’s style microphones and recording equipment for artists to make live recordings in the lounge area at the back of the store.

Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

The gigantic Instant Camera!

I’ll admit – this is exactly the kind of hipster-ish place I’m a sucker for. Retro cameras, a vintage printing press, a chance to record your own 5-minute vinyl record in a restored Jugendstil elevator…there’s creativity oozing from the walls here. There are even some boom boxes and tape players stashed on shelves past the kitchen. You could spend ages just playing with and reminiscing over forgotten technologies.

Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

Look at all those goodies

That’s kind of the point too – the guys who run Supersense wanted to create a place where all the ‘old’ analog ways of taking photos, printing leaflets, creating books, music and art could be gathered together and enjoyed. I was thrilled just using a typewriter and took my time investigating each little trinket throughout the shop (driving my ever-patient mister crazy in the process).

It’s crammed with devices no longer in everyday use, but doesn’t feel like a museum or junk store, striking the balance somewhere between, as a fascinating creative home for artistic treasures.

Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

The concept store also provides a lot of services to elevate analog art – so you can send them digital copies of your photos and they’ll make them into analog Polaroids for you.

Or, you can make an appointment to get your portrait taken and printed as a ‘wet-print’ using a photo making technique from the 1800’s. That might be a bit arty/abstract for some, but the accessible fun things, like a customised notebook or mechanical photo flipbook are perfect for unique gifts (or treats for yourself).

Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

If you want to get really abstract you can try the ‘smell memory kits’

The cafe at the front is lovely too, with a beautiful old baroque countertop, and just a handful of tables to perch on. The coffee was served reaaallllyyy slowly, but was delicious once we got it.

We were actually visiting while they had a pop-up brunch event (of course) so that might have been why the service was slow, but regardless, the setting is gorgeous enough that you can distract yourself looking at the mirrors and interior.

Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

Wasn’t mad staring at the rooftops

Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

They’re also often hosting live music events, workshops for letterpressing, vinyl recording, Polaroid photography, bookbinding and more. The place had the feel of a local creative hub, not just a kitschy cafe designed for tourists – most events are to support local artists and encourage creators using analog techniques.

It felt most like a hub for artists with a very specific focus – a spiritual home and inspiration for them too.

Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

Look at those lovely communal benches

I can’t say the food was worth returning for, but the concept store itself was interesting enough to warrant a return and the coffee was fantastic. So overall, this is a quirky little cafe to pop into after a day in Prater, or if you’re in the second district and need a coffee and cake stop.

Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

Distract yourself with the vinyl record elevator recording booth

Just try not to get so distracted by the fun trinkets that your partner considers abandoning you there for good 😉

Supersense Cafe Vienna Review

Streetside entrance to Supersense Cafe

Quick Facts

Location: Praterstrasse 70/1, 1020 Vienna

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday 09:30am – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 5pm

How to Get There: U1 line to Nestroyplatz, or U1/U2/Tramlines to Praterstrasse station

What to Order: Coffee and cake, then take your time shopping in the creative atmosphere


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