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I’ve held out on you guys. I know this blog promises to share the inside tips on living in Vienna, what it’s really like to be an expat in Austria and all the best brunch advice and history nerd tips – but I’ve been lying to you, about one small detail.

For over a year now, I’ve held back on sharing my favourite brunch spot. Today, it’s time to confess the truth. I have to share the absolute best brunch spot in Vienna. The one I sneak off to on a Sunday morning, thrilled that there’s always a table available. The one place that combines the perfect setting with delicious organic breakfast. My secret spot.

Best secret brunch Vienna

I have to reveal it now, because the city of Vienna is coming alive. Trees are unfurling, flowers are blooming and the terraces outside of restaurants are being built in preparation for summer crowds. You can actually see the locals shaking off their coats and winter blues. Raising their faces to the crisp but warm sunshine, in happy relief that spring has arrived. There’s no better time to explore the city – before the rush of summer tourist crowds.

The secret brunch spot is hidden in the most unlikely of places – within one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. The greatest skill of the city of Vienna is that they somehow manage to make tourist attractions equally valuable to locals and tourists. I’ve mentioned before the secrets within Schönbrunn gardens, and this brunch spot is another hidden gem.


If you take a left from the main entrance, you’ll be led to a wide stone path, designed for horse & carriages to trot over. It will be chock-a-block with über-fit locals going for a morning jog, putting your brunch hunger to shame with their sturdy calves and perky bums. Ignore them, for they know nothing about the joys of carbohydrates and sugary desserts for breakfast. Leave their toned abs behind to ‘enjoy’ kale smoothies – you are headed for greater things.

There will be a wall of shrubbery on your right hand side, and hidden within the wall is what I like to refer to as the secret brunch garden. (It’s real name is the Konigsgarten, but that’s nowhere near as mysterious & interesting.)

best brunch Vienna

Behind the shrubbery wall is an adorable 1950’s style outdoor cabin and pavilion. Brightly coloured chairs and small summer tables are laid out to overlook the perfectly manicured garden of long-gone Hapsburg royalty. The whole area is enclosed within the garden wall – so you can ignore marching groups of tourists and the guilt-inducing joggers stomping across the gravel paths. Within the secret garden, only breakfast matters.

And what a breakfast.

Meierei Brunch Final-6

They grow their own herbs, hand-make their own pastry for desserts and offer fresh bio-juices.

There’s 5 different menus to choose from for breakfast – and it’s available until the afternoon. Stepping through the garden walls you’re enveloped in a country-retreat getaway. The noise level drops to a murmuring whisper, the pace of the morning slows and morning jazz tunes waft soothingly over the small speaker system. With the reviving sunshine upon your face, you can smell the perfectly roasted coffee and sit comfortably while your flaky pastries are delivered.

Opt for the green and healthy brunch menu for fresh juice and crunchy muesli on a pool of yoghurt. If you are still a little queasy from the night before, the egg omelette with regional ham and chives will set you back to rights.

Meierei Brunch Final-7

Meierei Best secret brunch spot Vienna

This magical brunch garden always starts my weekend off on the relaxed foot. If I had it my way, I’d have breakfast meetings here too during the week. It’s just such a calm oasis – and today, to get your spring started right, I’m ready to share the secret with you.

Best secret brunch spot Vienna

Jausen Station Meierei Schönbrunn. Hidden in the middle of Schönbrunn gardens, and so subtle and lovely that the tourists somehow never spot it in their mad rush to the top of the Gloriette.

I trust you guys to keep your knowledge of this place quiet – take yourself and a loved one there to bask in the sunshine and carbohydrate joy of Sunday brunch. This isn’t the cafe for your visiting relatives’ first time in Vienna (that’s the cafe to the left hand side entrance of Schönbrunn, they make the best Strudel in the city!). This place is for locals, those who want to retreat from joggers and busloads of tourists to enjoy a lazy morning.

Brunch Schönbrunn Meierei Jausen Station

Also justifies being a little smug that you got the VIP view of the Kings Garden

So now you know where I’ll be many summer mornings, let’s just keep it quiet from the others shall we?

Do you have a ‘secret spot’ cafe in Vienna? Dare to share? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’m torn between a “shame on you” and “good for you!” feeling on this one. I love keeping my Vienna spots a secret, but I also love brunch, so…

    Also I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! (It says to reach out to people who have under 300 followers. I have a feeling you probably have like 1,000, but since I don’t see anything official and you’re one of my favorites, you’re it.) If you want to follow-up on the award, you can check it out here

    Thanks again for sharing your brunch secret!

  2. Thanks for sharing this location!
    My bf and I are flying to Vienna tomorrow and are planning to visit Schloss Schoenbrunn on Saturday with a stop at the Jausen Station.

    1. Author

      You’ll love it! Fingers crossed the weather clears for you 😉 But it’s cozy inside too, enjoy beautiful Vienna!

      1. Cheeky question… any suggestions for a typical Austrian restaurant for dinner? Weather can’t be worse than in London, it was snowing 10mins ago ;-(

        1. Author

          Haha there’s a few favorites- Blauen Eisl has the best schnitzel in Wien, Apostelkeller in the first is a cool setup (cellar from the 12th century!!) or my favourite heuringer with cheap eats is Leitner on Wilhelminenburg, homemade dessert and a spectacular view over the city!

          1. Just arrived and can’t find an address for Blauen Eisl – is it Zum Blauen Esel?

  3. You got me, Carly. Your secret brunch spot is now on my list of breakfast places to check out! Perhaps you and I can have a little brunch date someday there? 🙂


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  5. Adding it to the list for my next trip! (Also excited to have just found your blog!) <3

    1. Author

      Thanks Melissa – excited to have you with us 🙂 Hope you get to visit Vienna in the sunshine months so you can make the most of the brunch!

  6. Fun writing! Enjoy the Austria “locals scene” spots. As an Austrian-American living in US, these are sweet reminders of my homeland. I live vicariously and enjoy Your lovely descriptions (having been to many of these places before, I can thoroughly, truely imagine it) until my next visit home. Than you!

    1. Author

      Oh Richard I’m so pleased these little slices of life can give you a taste of home, thank you for such kind words! And thank YOU for reading 🙂

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