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There’re so many things I’m inspired to write about on this site – from the small everyday stories of local Viennese, to the big overseas adventures and travels I’m lucky enough to experience. The frustrating, ridiculous days of being an Auslander in Austria. The truly beautiful places Stefan and I discover on our weekend travels around Austria. The persistent and ongoing battle to be a successful creative professional, whilst juggling a full-time career, happy relationship and let’s not forget the ticking time-bomb of my uterus which well-meaning friends and family members constantly remind me of (Hi friends who announce impending babies on FB, I love you guys and am truly excited for you, but you can take a break for one week mmmk?)

Travel photos are not always perfect – he was worried about traffic. Mallorca.

Life is messy, and beautiful and difficult and frustrating and inspirational. Normally all at once. Austrian Adaptation began as a place to record my ‘adaptation’ (geddit?) to living life in a foreign country. It grew from there when lovely readers started to comment and respond to my writing. I began to really love chatting with other expats and Austrians about the hilarious side of Austrian life and living abroad in general. In 2015, I dedicated myself to learning how to improve the site – I was told by blogging experts to find my ‘niche’, develop my ‘voice’, focus on one topic and really develop ‘my audience’ for that. I took online courses, attended conferences, met inspiring writers, networked – and kept writing. Tried new topics, set myself boundaries and probably over-thought the whole damn thing. What I realised was, trying to limit myself to a ‘voice’ and an ‘audience’ didn’t come naturally.

Embrace mess quote

These days the blogs I love reading, the email newsletters I subscribe to and the writers I admire are the truth tellers. The messy, funny, intelligent, political, thoughtful and creative people who inspire their readers to be their best version of themselves, whatever that may be. Hell, they are the people I want to meet in real life. I don’t make friends with someone to talk about their ‘Top 10 Thailand Hotspots’ – I make friends with interesting, energetic folk who inspire me to be better at life.

Friends who are shockingly awesome

Friends who are shockingly awesome

After a year of trying to focus on a specific ‘niche’ (which, how do you compress your life into a niche??) I’ve decided writing about life abroad cannot be condensed so easily.

So for 2016 my focus is you. Listening to what you want to read here and what my head & heart is telling me really matters. Still writing about being an expat in Austria, and weekend city-breaks, but creating space for the other fun and interesting things that make up a life abroad. What books are making me think, the feminist articles that got me fired up, the best damn coffee I had in a city and dealing with the whole ‘Holy shit I’m 30 now do I need a mortgage/kids/stable home/career’ thing that keeps coming up over every glass of wine I share with friends.

we always look exactly this good

we always look exactly this good

It might get messy over here – but it’ll also be more honest. That to me is closer to the reality of life abroad. Real talk about lifestyle (even though that word makes me vom a little), expat struggles, travel, books, and history nerd-out moments IRL.

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As ever – thank you. For reading, for sharing your stories and for inspiring me to be better. I think we’re about to have a whole lot more fun over here…buckle up!


  1. Really hoping for more info about Life and culture in Austria! My dream trip!

  2. You bring up a lot of good points. Life really is too hard to classify and I’ve experienced that struggle on my own blog. I started off kind of pigeonholing myself into the identity of the “American in France” but realized there’s so much more to talk about (and so much more to me as a person) than just that facet of my identity so I talk about what comes naturally for me. Some readers may only want the French culture stuff, but first and foremost, our blogs are for us. So I say, do what you want. 😉 I’ll be reading. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Get it girl!!! Do it your way. I can completely relate to EVERYTHING you’ve talked about in this post (except the uterus thing, mine is silent on the matter). And I want to hear it all: good, bad, beautiful, and in-between. I like to read blogs from travelers and expats who are interesting people, and that means being a fully-fleshed human being that I can imagine myself hanging out with. Keep doing what you do!

    1. Author

      Nawww thanks Mo! Really appreciate your positive vibes – you’d defs make my ‘person I can imagine myself hanging out with’ list 🙂

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