Creme de La Creme Vienna Review

Vienna Brunch Review: Creme de la Creme

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What is Creme de la Creme?

Creme de la Creme is a gorgeous French patisserie & sweet treats heaven in the 8th district of Vienna. Open since early 2017, they are well established as a favourite amongst Vienna’s cake lovers and true French bakery fans.

Located close to the University Wien, there is also a reliable stream of chic students stopping by for coffee and a nibble in the charming atmosphere of the marble white, deep green and gold trimmed cafe.

Founded by the delightful Julia Kilarski (who also created the irresistible Cake Pops popups) and using only bio and organic ingredients, Creme de la Creme is one of daintiest brunch spots in Vienna.

Creme de La Creme Vienna Review

Review of Brunch at Creme de la Creme

The Food

As you would expect from a French patisserie, the cafe lures you in with a sweetly shining glass display of treats and an irresistible lemon tart.

However, the brunch menu also has a respectable selection of proper breakfast food – including fresh made Striezel and bread, homemade jams and natrulich, a frisch gekocht eier to go along with your breakfast.

You can choose from the easy and authentic croissant frühstuck – a simply delicious handmade croissant (made from ingredients shipped from France!) with homemade jam and butter.

My pick was the ‘Kleines Fruhstuck’ which has a slice of homemade bread, the signature handmade Streizel (a thick but fluffly sweet bread) with homemade marmelade, savoury spread and a soft boiled egg.

Creme de La Creme Vienna Review

It was gloriously delicate and filling.

What sets Creme de la Creme apart from you ‘average’ brunch spread is undoubtedly the attention given to the humble bread slices and Streizel. Where other cafes are happy to sling you a semmel or ready-made bread, Creme de la Creme goes the extra mile for an elevated brunch bread, to spread your delicious marmelade upon.

The consistency of the thick crust Streizel, was rich, but not crumbly, sweet but not sickly, something I’ve rarely experienced outside of France.

The freshly homemade jam was spreadably smooth, but not too liquid and gooey – flavourful still, without an overwhelming sugary sweetness.

It meant that even with just two slices of bread, jam and a boiled egg, I came away from brunch marvelling at the skill to create such different flavours, textures and satisfaction from a simple meal.

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So – it was undeniably French and delicious!

There is also a healthy brunch menu option for a musli frühstuck including yoghurt, fruit and a smoothie.

For the ravenous bruncher, there is also the full ‘Grosses Fruhstuck’ with the works – Bio salami, ham, cheese, 3 slices of homemade bread, 2 Streizel, homemade marmelade, savoury spread, an egg, a smoothie and musli.

The Vibe

Lets get one thing straight, Creme de la Creme is beautifully designed, luxe hipster heaven. Exposed concrete walls on one side, marble effect on the other, arched mirrors creating space and stunning details in the light bright windows.

The finer details really add the homely touches here – a vintage drinks cart to hold magazines and newspapers for guests, blue glass tiny vases on tables holding fresh flowers, the golden shelves upon the wall selling home made marmelade and produce for guests.

Creme de La Creme Vienna Review

The tables and chairs are simply painted wooden white, with plenty of green vines and hanging planters to create a lush vibe throughout the mid-sized cafe. There are about 6-8 tables in total, so not a gigantic space, but the whole place feels inviting, open and bright from the moment you enter.

Overall the energy is dainty, French and modern, allowing for quick coffee dates, long lunches, or an indulgent afternoon coffee and cake with French inspired flair.

What’s particularly inviting about the cafe is that is is primarily family owned and run, so you feel welcome throughout your time here. Their focus on quality ingredients, over quantity and loud brash music, speaks to the genuine love for quality from the founders.

Oh, did I mention there is just lovely tinkling piano music and soothing conversation when you’re here? It’s genuinely a delight to relax amongst.

Reccommended For

Definitely hitting the sweet spot for hipster students, bougie couples and ‘yummy mummy’s’ out to celebrate with a midday prosecco, Creme de la Creme knows their audience well.

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This weekends brunch reccommendation is an oldie but a goodie – @cremedelacremevienna is an adorable French patisserie in the 8th filled with sweet treats. Not only is the decor a delight to sit amongst, but the brunch menu is surprisingly extensive and available all day. Their house baked Streizel in particular, seved with all brunch menus, is mouth wateringly delicious. Crusty on the outside, soft but not crumbly on the inside and perfect for spreading the homemade jams upon 🤤 The brunch alone is satisfying but if you can resist their exquisite case full of bakery treats then you’re a stronger woman than I! 📚This weeks book with brunch reccomendation is the lovely @pandorasykes ‘The authentic lie’ a longform essay on social media, feminism, instagram and what authenticity really means these days. Very juicy, well researched and handbag sized to pop in your weekend bag! Enjoy 😘

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The design of the cafe lures the sweetly trendy students from nearby University lectures, and the well-heeled small creative business owners from surrounding 8th district. The crowd is definitely urban, but not too pretentious.

This is the place to bring your girlfriends, or visiting French friends if you want to prove yourself legit!

I also have it on good authority from multiple French expats here in Vienna that Creme de la Creme pastries are the real deal and will be returning to taste test for myself soon.

Price & Location

The simple croissant breakfast is just €3,90 while the biggest brunch menu is €9,90 but will fill you for the day! There is a wide range of further brunch options outside the set menus averaging about €5 for greek yoghurt with fruit, or a bagel with seasonal filling.

Location is easily accessible in the 8th district on Langegasse, right in the heart of the creative district. Super easy to get to via Tram or a short 15 minute stroll from the Alser Strasse or Schottentor Ubahn.

The Essentials

  • Address: Lange Gasse 76, 1080
  • Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm Tuesday to Friday, 10am – 5pm Weekends, Closed on Mondays.
  • Reservations: Possible via phone or email:
  • Insider Tip: This place is hopping at lunchtimes as they have fantastic lunch menu options too, so its best to strategically arrive either before or after the lunch rush on weekdays.

Final Verdict

Creme de la Creme feels like a treat in every sense of the word. The baked goodies, the atmosphere and the smiling service feel like an indulgence in the bustle of Vienna brunch spots.

It’s not necessarily a place to bring your +1, or a big bunch of mates after a night out, but more of a secret spot for you and a girlfriend to treat yourselves to.

Creme de La Creme Vienna Review

The brioche is seriously heaven

Though its well known and lauded for the quality food and bakery goods, Creme de la Creme still somehow seems like that ‘secret spot’ you go to with a close friend, to celebrate, commisserate or simply indulge yourself in a special hour or so amongst the ambience and declious cakes.

In short – it’s a treat to yourself, to savour.


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