Vienna Brunch: Waldemar Tagesbar Review

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The sky was pelting cold fat rain onto our balcony, looking extremely ominous from the warmth of bed. I begrudgingly scuffed my way to the kitchen longing for a warm breakfast, but instead of the delicious spread of food I’d normally find, was greeted with a very empty, very bleak cupboard.

Sunday morning in Austria is the worst possible time to realize you forgot to buy 5 necessary items at the supermarket. With stores closed until Monday, the next 24 hours gape before you, empty, starving and hopeless.

What better excuse for a brunch date?


With the all-time-best-ever-brunch in Vienna shutting its doors between October – April, I was in search of a nearby replacement spot for chilly winter mornings. Das Augustin has become too crowded, and Naschmarkt can be just a touch too far when the weather gets grey and moody.


Enter Waldemar Tagesbar, with all it’s cool industrial exposed walls and light timber tables. Here I’ve found a haven to transport me back to Melbourne-style brunch mornings, complete with Hietzing’s best crowd of hipsters and young cool families.


Tea’s and delicious jams available for individual purchase

You’ll find clean design, attractive waiters dressed in uniform denim shirts and a simple menu that covers all the brunch necessities. Pancakes on weekends, a ‘New Yorker’ bagel breakfast and a simple ‘Italian style’ brunch of just coffee and a croissant are all available in portions that don’t make you feel too guilty.



As any self-respecting Melburnian will tell you, the most important brunch option is avocado on toast – and it does not disappoint at Waldemar, served with a poached egg on the side in a glass. Brunch is available from 8am to 2pm so even if you are later to arrive than the hordes of Sunday families with strollers, you can perch on the windowsill seating looking out across the outdoor terrace until the early afternoon.


Getting my Aussie on with Collective Hub magazine and classic brunch menu

Waldemar immediately felt like a cool and cosy local spot for brunch, one I would gladly return to solo for a coffee with a good book in hand, or to invite a bunch of girlfriends for post-partying recovery breakfast. Being in Hietzing, you will get a mix of upper-crust locals and well-researched tourists, but the overall vibe is casual cool.

Visiting here didn’t solve my empty cupboard situation, but by the end of my meal I couldn’t have cared less. By the time I finished my second excellent soy latte (you can take the girl outta Melbourne, but not the Melbourne-hipster habits outta the girl!) the rain had cleared, our bellies were full and Sunday was looking much less hopeless and grey.

Heading out of the cafe, excited to complete another activity from my Vienna List, I was quietly grateful to those pesky Austrian laws that keep stores closed on a Sunday…it might just lead to more brunch opportunities here at Waldemar Tagesbar.

Waldemar Tagesbar: Quick Facts

Address: Altgasse 6, Wien

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, Weekends & Public holidays 8am – 3pm

Good For: Family brunches, hipster hangouts, stroller-friendly, couples breakfast, solo diners

Prices: Between €5 – €12 for a breakfast menu. Affordable in Vienna’s burgeoning brunch scene!


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