My Vienna List – 50 things to do in Vienna in 52 weekends

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There’s a few thousand things I am still yet to do in Vienna – and I’ve lived here 4 years now. After a summer of running around Europe, spending time anywhere but Vienna, I’ve been re-evaluating how to better use the time I have living here. How to make the most of my weekends to appreciate this extraordinary expat life.

The Vienna List - MQ

Dreamy summer days in MQ included

It’s so easy to slide into apathy, or the everyday hustle of living and forget the wonderful variety of where you are. I grew up in a small suburb of Melbourne that was home to a faux medieval castle, just a 5-minute drive away from our home (God knows why they built it in the outer suburbs). Tourists would make the trek to our poky suburb just to walk the grounds, hold weddings and see art exhibitions there. Do you think in the 20 years of living a 5-minute drive from this lovely sight that I ever once visited? Nope.

Living in Vienna, I’m wary of this apathy even more acutely. I don’t want to waste a minute of my time here. This city is full of treasures, but you have to work to find them – and it’s easy to forget how lucky we are to live here. To truly appreciate this city, and each week I get to live here, I need a challenge to keep me honest and accountable.

So…I’m making one. Wanna join in?


This is #myviennalist. A challenge of 50 Vienna-related activities to complete in 52 weekends. Roughly one activity per week (allowing for Vienna’s notorious public holidays!). It’s all the things I already ‘should’ have done in this magnificent city. 50 activities or sights I’m challenging myself to see and do by September 2017. No cheats, no shortcuts – just pure Viennese fun. Most of these I’ll be blogging about, all of them you are welcome to do yourself or better yet, join me in completing!

The challenge begins this weekend, and I have absolutely no idea if I will have the time and dedication to get through it all. After all, if I really wanted to do these things so badly, I would have done them already!

But that’s the risky/fun part – I might fail horribly (like I have with learning German) or I might fly high and actually experience the best of Vienna. It’s not an Olympic feat, or a ‘brave journey’. This is just one small way to make the most of my days here, which is all any of us are trying to do, no matter what city we live in, right?

Either way, I hope you’ll join me for the wild ride, and that my crazy challenge helps you uncover more of Vienna and make the most of every damn day, wherever you live.

My Vienna List

My Vienna List

1. Albertina museum

2. Klimt Villa Wien

3. Wine hike in Burgenland

4. SUP on the Donau Canal

5. Cycle along the Danube to another country

6. Ice skating on Neusiedlersee (if global warming doesn’t make this impossible!)

7. Weekend at Rogner Bad Blumau

Rogner Bad Blumau

This is a hotel, and a spa and possibly fairyland!

8. Third Mann Tour of Vienna’s sewers

9. Würstel from Leo, the oldest Würstelstand in Vienna

10. Ride the Wiener Riesenrad

11. Movie night at the longest running cinema in the world

12. Freud museum

13. Sunbake nude on the Danube Island FKK zone (this will not be a group activity, but it does terrify my terribly British values!)

14. Sissi’s apartments

15. Comedian at Gartenbaukino

16. Drinks on the Ritz Carlton rooftop

17. Hire a boat to cruise along the Donau Canal

19. Lunch & winery tour at a Heuringer

20. Volunteer to help Refugees with Team Osterreich

21. Westlichte gallery

22. Afternoon at Cafe Jelenik

23. Ride a Horse & Carriage in the 1st district

My Vienna List

Cunningly avoiding all deadly carriage rides nearby. No longer!

24. Lichtenstein Palais

25. Seegrotte Hinterbrühl

26. Melk Abbey

27. Heiligenbrunn

28. Eggenburg Beinhaus

29. Hallstatt

30. Hike Schneeberg

31. Swim at the Badeschiff

32. Coffee at Coffee Pirates

33. Vienna Wine Hiking Day

34. Cocktails at The Sign

35. Attend a Viennese Ball

36. Cooking class for Austrian food

37. Eisenstadt


38. Asia Therme

39. Speak level B1 German

40. Dinner at Do&Co rooftop

41. Polaroid photo tour

42. Meal at the Sofitel rooftop restaurant

43. Saturday flea market Naschmarkt

44. See an Opera in the Opera house

45. Dinner in the Dark

46. Hike to Otto Wagner church in the 16th

47. Almabtrieb in Tirol

Wear cows get fancy with flowers…

Where cows get fancy with flowers…

48. Hapsburg burial vault

49. Jewish walking tour Vienna

50. National Library visit to marvel at allllll the books

I’ll be posting updates on each activity as I complete them here. Up-to-the-minute progress will be on Facebook and Snapchat if you want to see the fun as it happens!

I’d love to have you join me in this crazy challenge, just use the hashtag #myviennalist anytime you post about ticking something off your Vienna to-do list!

To keep up with progress on the challenge, use the hashtag #myviennalist on FacebookInstagramTwitter, wherever! You can add your own suggestions to this list, and share your own Vienna list, or photos of when you complete something. I’ll be collaborating with other Vienna-based bloggers and creative folk to see what’s on their Vienna List, and together we can build the best collection of Vienna activities so you’ll never have an excuse to be bored in the city. More importantly though….

Here’s to making the most out of every damn day in this incredible city.

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  1. Brilliant idea! I’ve been here a couple of months, mostly ambling from one place to another. A coherent list is a much better idea to get the most of the city, I’ll start working on mine!

  2. ‘Sounds like a plan, but I absolutely get what you mean!

    After living in Berlin for years, I know a lot more about it than the original Berliners!

    One way to do this is to go on a free walking tour but I’m careful not to tell the guides that I actually live here ‘cos of their tales, which in many cases, are pretty tall lol! I also like to just go to the river and keep on walking as this city changes so much, and keeps on changing. Just because you saw something last year, is no guarantee that you’ll see it again this year!

    You’ve got a brilliant challenge there. ‘Nice one!

  3. Thanks for this blog! Love it! I have been in austria only 6 months from the usa. My husband works alot. I am finding making friends quite challenging. HELP!

    1. Author

      Omg Laura I know how you feel!! Have you checked out the Women of Vienna Facebook group? They have loads of events and super lovely people to spend time and do things with. It’s definitely worth checking out 🙂

  4. I did check it out. I guess im too shy Thats sounds dumb i know. I guess i need to take that step and put myself out there! Sometimes its easier hiding out in our flat feeling sorry for myself! Lol i do better in small groups.

    1. Author

      Hm I know what you mean – there are smaller events too 😉 take your time and go for it your way, the first months are always the hardest but I promise it gets better! Good luck!

  5. A great list! In my four years here, I can tick 18 of the items off your list (and a bunch more off my own list.) Best of luck to you!

  6. Hi Carly, I feel like you spoke from my “soul” .. I’ve lived in Vienna for 4 years but actually still traveling somewhere else so actually I feel like I dont know the city at all. That’s why you are totally right that we have to do the most of it! I was happy to read this post and …. You motivated me! 😉 And tomorrow I will do my list. Btw: I have already came back from Australia. I havent been to Melbourne, but in Sydney and Airlie Beach. Your country is amazing! Good luck with your list and have fun in Vienna.

  7. A great idea, love it (I am Austrian, I live here btw) – it is something I have already done as well – you are right, that one usually does not appreciate what´s right around you, One note, though: That is not a Vienna list – it is an Austria list (quite a lot of places are not in Vienna, but you knew that, didn´t you 😉 – but even those things not in Vienna are all quite cool (I know, done `em all ;).

  8. Woo! Go get ’em! I’ll be following a similar list (minus the bathing) but with a pram and a three year old. With my intense fear of heights my riesenrad experience will probably be limited to photographing my husband and fearless daughter : P Chronicles of Vienna with a pram (Can you be cultured and carry a nappybag? Yes we can!) can be found on the kinderculture Instagram account and, when I’ve finished making it look pretty, on the blog with the same name. Loving reading about another Australian in Vienna : )

  9. Hi! What a great idea! I made a few things from your list and maybe you would like to change some things… Sisi apartments sound great but is really boring and there are thousand people there, much better the national library or natural history museum! And other thing is the sofitel roof… Better go there just for a coctel or night drink! Meal and service is not too good, but definitelly view are great! Hope you have fun! Greatings from an adapted 🙂

  10. Great idea! I’ll be making a list soon.

    Laura, I second Carly’s recommendation. I’ve met some really lovely women on the women of Vienna Facebook group.

  11. This is an amazing idea! I will be moving to Vienna in a few months and plan on finding out everything about this amazing city.
    i can’t wait to meet the women of vienna, but i’m also just like Laura. I do better in smaller groups 🙂
    Good luck with your project!

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  13. Awesome! I’ve been living in Vienna for the past 8 years. And yes… I’ve come to know that apathy you’re talking about. But you’re right! Vienna IS amazing and lovely! Thanks for pointing out its hidden treasures! I loved it! Great post! 🙂

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  15. Amazing blog Carly. If you want some company for some of the activities, just contact me. I´m a Burgenland woman living in Vienna – so I would love to show you Nr. 3, 6 and 37 as a local :-).

  16. I love this so much! Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for your helpful posts – I’m an American expat living in Istanbul so I can understand the desire to really get the most out of expat life! I also am a list-lover, I did a 30 before 30 list and I’ve got less than 2 years to go on my 40 before 40. I’m hoping to add something Austria-related to the list – I’ll be there this weekend!

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