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Vienna Restaurant Review: All Reis Thai Street Food

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We looked at each other in dumbfounded, in wordless excitement.

The smells, the clanging of the nearby kitchen, the brightly coloured beer bottles and decorative wall hangings – it all felt…familiar somehow.

With the rich scent of lemongrass, shrimp and myriad spices tickling at my subconscious, for a moment I was transported from suburban Vienna, into the bustling, chaotic streets of Koh Samui.

Sundrenched, wearing flip flops, nodding and smiling at the local artists, friendly kids, stray dogs and intent food makers. They offerred fresh corn, soups and most of all, fresh, handmade rice and curries.

The scents, the flavours, the energy all came rushing back. Settling in to our communal bench to order a Pad Thai and Green Curry, I felt the fmailiar rough-and-ready excitement of ordering in those tiny marketplaces of Thailand. Knowing that whatever was coming out of the tiny, steaming kitchen, my tastebuds were in for a treat.

Except we were nowhere near the mud-baked streets of Koh Samui from 2008 – this was the 15th district of Vienna, circa 2019.

All Reis Thai Street Food Vienna

What is All Reis Thai Street Food?

All Reis is a food sensation in the 15th district, that is already a favourite for those in the know in Vienna.

Apart from giving me drool-inducing flashbacks to a trip to Thailand over a decade ago, All Reis is elevating the standard of Thai food in Vienna to a whole new level.

The restaurant has been a natural continuation of business for the owners, who have long been supplying the Thai community of Vienna with authentic ingredients in their small store Talad Thai.

The small store ships in Papaya, Jackfruits, Durian, Thai bananas, and an endless range of sauces, spices, rice and noodles direct from Thailand to Vienna.

What started as a small side hustle selling meals out the side of their store has now flourished into the buzzing All Reis restaurant.

Restaurant Review: All Reis Thai Street Food Vienna

The Food

Holy. F*cking. Shit. You guys. I haven’t had Thai Food this good since I was in Thailand.


It’s just….incredible, proper Thai street food.

Stefan has been on a mission for SEVEN YEARS to find an excellent Thai curry in Vienna. We are both suckers for good quality Pad Thai, Curry, and authentic South East Asian cooking. Here, he finally found it – and I fear we may never be able to go back to regular ‘Viennese Thai’ after this.

All Reis is all of that, and more.

All Reis Thai Street Food Vienna

Pad Thai Heaven. Yes I’m basic and order just Pad Thai!

As we ate, we were silenced into ecstatic, eyes closed joy, at the flavours and freshness of our meals. It’s made before your very eyes in the open kitchen, using the genuine article ingredients and with bustling street-food energy of the best Thai markets.

The trick here is that for years, the owners owned and ran a Thai supermarket over the road from the now buzzing restaurant, shipping in and providing genuine Thai spices, noodles and of course, rice.

Which means that it doesn’t get more authentic than this.

All Reis Thai Street Food Vienna

Thai Curry – best in Vienna

The serving sizes are large enough that you could share a meal – but won’t want to, because they are too delicious.

From the drinks side of things, you can get genuine Singha beers, proper wacky-flavoured Thai soft drinks & Fanta, and a multi coloured concoction Cha Dok Anchan, a blue ‘Butterfly Pea tea’ that changes to a deep purple when you add lemon.

The Vibe

Bustling, crowded and communal. Considering the quality of the food here, All Reis is already super popular and turning into a bit of a cult hot spot.

They have a maximum of about 8 small tables, most of which can be jammed together to form long communal benches and eating, street food style.

If you’re incredibly lucky you can nab one of the window seats, and when its busy there is outside terrace tables or a spot right in front of the kitchen on bench seating.

Hallowed window seating

With the energy of the kitchen overflowing into the cosy restaurant, the vibe is chatty, busy and relaxed. No need for fancy outfits, no reservations allowed and a pretty open attitude to sharing tables means the place is accessible, friendly and fun.

On the walls, decor is unmistakably Thai – a hanging photoboard includes Thai currecy, photos of floating markets and kitschy postcards from Thailand. Wooden shelves hold genuine Thai sauces, oils and ingredients for sale and decorative wall hanging are distinctly vintage Thai design.

All Reis Thai Street Food Vienna


Its a warm, vibrant and energetic place to enjoy your meal, maybe a Singha beer and then make way for the next hungry guests!

Reccommended For

Literally anyone who appreciates good Thai food.

Due to its size, this isn’t exactly a family friendly restaurant – though if you time it right maybe you can get a table. It’s also probably not the super romantic, exclusive date night location.

Although if you’re like Stefan and I, there is nothing better for date night than excellent food in a casual atmosphere.

All Reis Thai Street Food Vienna

I would say this is recommended for students, couples, locals and those homesick or suffering wanderlust for decent Thai food.

It’s nothing fancy, but simple, excellent food served well, in a tucked away location in the 15th district.

Price & Location

Let me start by saying – for us, the price was worth it.

All Reis could charge more for this quality of food but keep prices accessible in the spirit of street food. It seems they are all the better for it, as it is constantly busy here.

Mains come in at about €10-12 each, and as mentioned, portions are huge and delicious.

All Reis Thai Street Food Vienna

Look at the size of those Spring Rolls!

Starters are between €4-6, and their spring rolls were huge, 20cm long, decently filling on their own (which never stopped us from ordering delicious mains!)

All up with drinks, starter and mains Stefan and I spent €40 including tip between the two of us. Not super cheap, but not an insanely high cost for a date night.

The location is, well, the most dangerous thing of all.

You guys, this place is walking distance from our apartment.

As if being close to Landkind and GOTA wasn’t bad enough for our wallets, knowing how nearby All Reis is to our place is dangerous knowledge – we are most definitely going to become addicts!

Located on the west side of Vienna in the always ‘up-and-coming’ 15th district, All Reis is very easy to walk to from Westbahnhof, or you can get the 49 tram or U3 to Schweglerstrasse station.

Final Verdict

In case it hasn’t already been abundantly clear – GO HERE NOW.

All Reis lives up to all the hype and more. Their team was incredibly friendly and chatty while serving, and seem genuinely excited that so many people are enjoying their food.

In the 45 minutes or so that we enjoyed our meal, there was a constant stream of people in and out, waiting for a table, enjoying their snacks and the atmosphere. This was only a Tuesday night – so I’m sure on weekends and busy nights its constantly full.

All Reis Thai Street Food Vienna

Regardless, All Reis is worth the wait, and I’m pretty confident in saying you will most definitely be seeing more of us there over the coming weeks and months.

The final verdict? This is hands down the best Thai Restaurant in Vienna.



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