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Vienna’s Top 7 Vegan Restaurants

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Where to find delicious Vegan and Vegetarian food in Vienna. Our recommendations tested with vegan and vegetarian friends visiting Vienna in need of a good, healthy vegetarian meal!

Vienna is famous for its Schnitzel, pork knuckle, and Kaisekrainer meat sausages, which might have you thinking its impossible to find good Vegetarian or Vegan food options in the city. However, if you know where to look, there are a wealth of delicious vegan & vegetarian restaurants to enjoy, from top Michelin starred fancy restaurants, to cute casual cafes and everything in between.

Though I’m not completely vegan myself, I do try and stick to the ‘meat once a week’ diet to reduce my carbon imprint on the planet. On top of which, a lot of my friends who visit the city are completely vegan and often desperate for me to help them find somewhere yummy to eat during their stay – the places listed below are my go-to list of recommendations to make sure our plant-loving friends can eat well while in Vienna too.


Tian is Vienna’s Michelin starred vegetarian restaurant in the 1st district. Yep, Vienna has a world-class vegetarian restaurant right in the city centre, bet you weren’t expecting that!

The original Tian is quite fancy, serving 8-course meals complete with white tablecloths and bow-tied waiters. My lovely vegan blogger friend Sabine has a YouTube video all about her experience there if you want to take a peep.

Their philosophy around meals is to have seasonal, locally sourced ingredients served in creative ways

However, if the thought of a fancy-pants restaurant is a bit too much for you, Tian have also opened up the ‘Tian Bistro’ in the more laid back 7th district, where you can enjoy the same quality of food in a relaxed atmosphere amongst the cobblestones.

For both restaurants its best to book in advance if possible, as they are both extremely popular and well respected, but worth the effort. Tian Bistro has also just started doing vegan brunch, so that’s going on my must-visit brunch list too, so excited to see this becoming a ‘thing’ in Vienna!


This is a fantastic lunch option, with outlets all over the city. My regular is right in the heart of the city, beside the Opera house. If you are spending the day sightseeing, Veggiez is perfect to refuel – with Quinotto bowls, burgers, homemade lemonade and mouth-watering sweet potato fries, which you can enjoy from their lovely streetside terrace overlooking the Ringstrasse.

Everything here is 100% vegan, so you don’t need to worry about making changes to any dishes, and the service is always quick. Menus come in English and German too!

7 vegan restaurants Vienna 7 vegan restaurants Vienna

You’ll often find me here during the week for a quick lunch, or after work to get a healthier snack – it’s definitely a nice alternative to the Subways and fast food outlets surrounding the area. There are currently 5 outlets of these ‘vegan dining room’ restaurants in Vienna at the following locations:

Veggiezz 1010 Wien, Salzgries 9
Veggiezz 1010 Wien, Opernring 6
Veggiezz 1090 Wien, Alserbachstraße 30
Veggiezz 1100 Wien, Keplerplatz 11,
Veggiezz 8605 Kapfenberg, Wiener Straße 35a


Anni’s Broselei

This is the perfect charming spot to get your coffee and cake fix, all completely vegan and homemade with love. They have weekly lunch menus with lots of seasonal ingredients, which change regularly – so you can get a lovely pumpkin tagine or Greek-style stuffed Paprika, Quinoa bowls or vegan lasagne depending on the week – but really, this is where you should come for delicious sweet vegan treats.

Their cakes are magnificent – Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Nut cake, Berry Vanilla, Banana Chocolate…all vegan, and some gluten free too. The options change daily and weekly so it’s always a lovely surprise. Their other sweet indulgence is the vegan ‘monster shake’ which look like an Instagrammers fantasy come true – overflowing with Soja cream, peanut butter, bio cocoa and topped with a homemade Brownie in a hipster glass with bamboo straw – they are epic.


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Most adorably of all, the cafe is puppy friendly. So not only will you get personal service, but probably some cutie puppy hugs if you are lucky.

Harvest Bistro

Nestled in the corner of Karmeliterplatz in the second district, Harvest Bistro is one of my favourite spots to cosy into on a grey day to nibble on cake, coffee and graze their buffet brunch on a weekend. They make their entirely vegan menu with heart and love – also catering to the weekday lunchtime crowd with healthy meal menus.

Their decor is an inviting second-hand mish-mash of low velvet couches, upcycled Singer-sewing machines turned into tables, simple wooden chairs and a glorious hodge podge of artwork on the walls and surfaces surrounding. The swirly handwritten menus, lace tableclothes and quirky decorations gives the cafe an air of your hippie Aunts living room – but she is serving awesome vegan buffet food, so it all fits together beautifully.

7 vegan restaurants Vienna

Of course, because this is Vienna, there are also fancy chandeliers and in summer a terrace view across the bustling Karmeliterplatz market and Church. Its a fantastic spot for people watching and whiling away an afternoon, and the changing menu means you can always get a different hearty healthy meal.

With weekend buffet brunch just €16,90 for all you can eat, if you plan your day right a meal here will get you through the entire day easily!

Swing Kitchen

This is an easy on-the-go option if you are vegan and just want a burger or snack while exploring the city. Swing Kitchen is another vegan-friendly chain that was founded in Austria and has now expanded to Germany and Switzerland. You’ll find them in the appropriately vegan and hipster-friendly districts of the 4th, 7th and 8th.

Their speciality is the vegan burgers, and in particular, the vegan ‘Vienna Schnitzel’ burger which is surprisingly good enough to convince the staunch meat-eaters I know into enjoying them for lunch. They also have a great selection of wraps, salads and desserts that you would expect from any fast food restaurant.

7 vegan restaurants Vienna

Service has always been fast and friendly when I’ve dropped in, and here in Vienna they also partner with Foodora, so if you want a healthy burger delivered to your door you can select a Swing Kitchen speciality.

What I really like about these guys is that they don’t use plastic in their wrapping or packaging, so they are living true to their philosophies in a practical way that can impact the environment. Definitely a great choice when you are on the go, but from an ambience perspective, it’s a regular burger joint, so you will likely be perched on a bar stool or table and dealing with queues to get your healthy delicious burger.


Technically Hollerei is a vegetarian restaurant, but their food and ambience is so so good, I had to include it for you guys!

This is our go-to favourite vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Vienna. It’s out on our side of town in the 15th district and a little hidden in a side street, but that only adds to the charm. It’s a lovely spot for a date night or to take a small group of friends for wine and dinner in an intimate setting.

Their green and gorgeous terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy course after course of delicious, creative vegetarian food. All dishes are seasonally inspired, with homemade samosas and curries featuring frequently. Stefan’s favourite here is the Thai Curry, but with their menu changing regularly you can always be guaranteed a unique and delicious meal here. Burgers are also available and a good option for that friend of yours who ‘isn’t quite sure about this vegetarian thing’…

7 vegan restaurants Vienna

Delicious samosa and veggie tacos dish with hummus

The price is a touch higher than normal for Vienna, but for the quality you get, it is definitely worth it. We treat Hollerei as more of a ‘sometimes treat’.

Another cool thing about this spot is their support of local artists in the associated gallery they own, right across the road from the restaurant. Designed to support ’emerging art for emerging collectors’ they curate different artworks and integrate their galleries into the food experience as much as possible – so you can dabble in a meal and culture at the same time, all while supporting local.

Oh and a little birdy just told me they have started doing brunch on weekends….so I might have to go and do some very thorough research for you guys on that topic!

Deli Bluem

A long-time vegan favourite in Vienna, Deli Bluem in the 8th district is a homely, friendly spot for nourishing vegetable dishes and cakes. Their lunch menus are loved for the huge portion sizes and they also offer another vegan buffet brunch (ok that’s it, I’m definitely doing a vegan buffet brunch test all across Vienna!).

With simple minimalist white and bright decor, homemade cakes to pair with coffee made from milk alternatives, Deli Bluem is a locals choice for vegan meals with variety. My personal cake picks? The banana bread or lavender cheesecake that is gluten and sugarfree – which means entirely guilt-free whether you’re vegan or not!


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The philosophy of the Deli owners here is to ‘nourish on all levels’ – which comes through in the decor, friendly service and the fact that they offer cooking classes so you can figure out for yourself how to recreate the meals at home. A really excellent healthy vegan option to experience a more local spot.

So you can enjoy vegan restaurants in Vienna – you just have to know where to go! I’m sure there are plenty more spots opening up as more and more people embrace a plant-based diet and try to reduce their meat intake and impact on our environment. Let me know in the comments if you have a favourrite vegan or veggie place in Vienna to visit. As always I hope this selection of vegan restaurants in Vienna helps you enjoy your time here and thanks for reading.


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