What's On Wishlist: June 2018

What’s On Wishlist for Vienna: June 2018

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A wrap up of what’s on our wishlist to do in Vienna this month

For the first time in a long time, we have no travel plans coming up. In fact, this may be the first summer since 2012 that Stefan and I have absolutely no travel plans for the summer. Being a long time travel addict has its perks (hello Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Cinque Terra and Bali trips) but honestly? I’m so so excited to have an entire summer to explore and enjoy Vienna and the Austrian summer.

The wishlist I’ve curated below is to keep us busy and to share with you guys some of the best fun things happening in Vienna this month. June is a doozy and keeping up with it all can be a challenge if you’re not organized!

Some of these things are big public festivals and others just small little life goals I have for the month – but hey, if they’re listed on the internet I kinda have to do them right?

Let’s get into the good stuff!

Naschmarkt in Summer, Vienna Austrian Adaptation


Donaukanaltreiben: May 31st – June 3rd . An annual hipster fest down by the banks of the Donaukanal with live bands, DJs, a food market with pop up stands, DJ trucks and all the excuses you need to lounge by the canal with a beer in hand doing some top notch people watching. In all honesty, this festival is one I always intend to go to, and end up popping by for about an hour until the crowds get too much, or we can’t find a perch or it just feels way to cool for a dork like me. But if you’re lucky, and you get there just when the sunset magic hour hits, and the music isn’t too

But if you’re lucky, and you get there just when the sunset magic hour hits, and the music isn’t too overwhelming and the bearded hipsters in jean cutoffs aren’t too obnoxious, you can really enjoy this. I’d go during the day when the market stalls and locals and kids are still milling about to make the most of Vienna’s favourite hotspots.

Life Ball June 2nd: I’ve written about the wonder of Lifeball a few years ago, and honestly this event is always worth checking out to ogle the incredible costumes and support a good cause.

The Lifeball is a mega-charity gala hosted in support of HIV/AIDS at the Rathaus annually. The theme for this year is ‘Sound of Music’ and they are celebrating their 25th Anniversary, so you know it’s going to be crazy-over-the-top-Austrian. I love simply going down to the Ringstrasse and watching all the crazy party trucks, limo’s, celebrities and fashionistas in over the top costumes and outfits arrive.

One day, one year, we will snag some tickets to Lifeball and I will know I’ve reached peak Vienna living. If anyone from Lifeball happens across this article, see ya next year, yeah? #lifegoals

Esterhazygassefest June 8th: This is a personal favourite, small and fun, Esterhazygassefest is just a portion of the street being blocked off from 3pm on a Friday afternoon to allow locals, visitors, and milling creative types to enjoy the weather and a bit of a mini street fest on Esterhazygasse. This is the cutie street with Miranda cocktail bar and a theatre, and word is there will be live bands. We somehow always end up with a spritzer in hand at this festival so can recommend!

This is the cutie street with Miranda cocktail bar and a theatre, and word is there will be live bands. We somehow always end up with a spritzer in hand at this festival so can recommend!

What's On Wishlist: June 2018

Esterhazygassefest in action

Wes Anderson Collection: Filmcasino is hosting a festival of Wes Anderson films throughout June and oh my god how could my little heart resist? I fell for Wes Anderson cinematography when I was 16 and snuck

I fell for Wes Anderson’s cinematography when I was 16 and snucoffof to see the Royal Tenenbaums in a suburban cinema multiplex, because we thought we were cool. I’ve been hooked on his universe ever since. The only question is, which

The only question is, which favourite film will you be going to? I think Darjeeling Limited is top of my list, but Grand Budapest Hotel is running a hot second, just need some sidekicks to come with!

Regenbogenparade/Rainbow Pride Parade 16th June: Pride week culminates in the Rainbow Pride Parade!

This year Vienna Pride is running a two-week festival in the leadup to the epic Ranbow Parade that takes over the Ringstrasse boulevard on the 16th of June. There will be a Rainbow Run, the Pride Party Village setup from June 12th outside the Rathaus and loads of lively events throughout the city.

Checkout the LQBTQI Facebook group here to keep up with the latest.

What's On Wishlist: June 2018

We’re all class at Pride Parade, circa 2016

The motto for this year is ‘Love, Respect and Solidarity‘ and we’ll be dancing in the city streets to support it with thousands of others that weekend! Always the happiest fun place in town, this is the street party when Vienna comes properly alive.

Donauinselfest June 22nd – 24th: The big mama of public music festivals, Donauinselfest is an institution in Vienna. It’s the worlds largest free open-air concert, running since 1984 and all thanks to the SPÖ and associated sponsors. The music festival sprawls across 11+ stages, and a wild variety of musical genre’s (seriously, Michael Bolton performed last year, right alongside Cro – a beloved German pop-rapper) and 5km of Donauinsel grassy knolls.

The music festival sprawls across 11+ stages, and a wild variety of musical genre’s (seriously, Michael Bolton performed last year, right alongside Cro – a beloved German pop-rapper) and 5km of Donauinsel grassy knolls.

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Donauinselfest is loved because of it’s universal appeal – families, old Viennese, hip young things and couples who think they are cool but might be a bit too old to party (literally Stefan and I last year in a sea of 20-somethings) can all enjoy the magic of Donauinselffest.

We’re definitely heading there on the Friday night, because local band Wanda are playing and have been on heavy rotation in our apartment!

Three days of city-sponsored summer fun, what could be a better summary of how bloody great Vienna is?


I have a never-ending shortlist of places I want to try out in Vienna, but this month, these places are making the top of the list!

Miznon: I’ve popped into this Israeli street food hotspot once or twice to try and get a table but they are always crazy full. This month, I’ll be running a one-woman campaign to get a spot after work and try their famous baked cauliflower and authentic street-food cuisine.

Who knew such a cool place could be hidden behind Stefansdom? (Apparently, everyone, which is why it’s always busy – but we will persevere!).

Landkind Brunch: This isn’t so much a ‘wishlist’ as an inevitability. We will be here at least weekly for locally sourced milk, butter and treats for breakfast. Stefan and I are officially addicted to their farmers-made butter.

But, my goal for June is to make time to pop by in the early evenings during the week where they also serve locally made gins, wines and summery drink treats.

Brunch in Vienna Landkind Review

With the open courtyard of Schwendermarkt to chill out on, its a must-do this month to make the most of those long summer nights. You can check my full brunch review of Landkind here.

Die Blumenweise: A new beach bar popped up on the Donaukanal and demands to be visited.

Some folks in Vienna are a bit worried about the Donaukanal getting ‘sold out’ to yuppies and losing its spirit, which I get, but honestly? If this is a bar I can convince my hipster-hating husband (he has a whole rant about restaurants with clipboards as menus..) to join me at on a Friday night after work, then I’ll take it.

Really want to check this out for myself to see if it’s overpriced and wanky, or worth all the hype.

Either way, if we get to sit somewhere comfy beside the water with a sunset blooming over us, it can’t be all bad, can it? We’ll find out!

Leitner Heuriger: It’s becoming a summer tradition to return to our favourite hilltop Heuriger on Wilhelminenburg, to enjoy cheap delicious food, wine and bring together a bunch of friends and people who have never met to chat. Leitner is super simple wine tavern, making the best dessert platter in town and slinging your ‘liter liter’ wine and water like pros.

It may not be this month, but you can bet your ass we’ll be visiting this summer!

Life Goals

On a personal note, this month for me will be all about getting my groove back. After a fairly bonkers two months of travel to Bali, Brisbane and Rotterdam, I cannot tell you how excited I am to kick back in Vienna and rebuild some healthy habits. For me that looks something like:

Supercycle classes once a week to keep me moving. Oh and cycling into work daily because wheeee the sun is shining and it’s literally the best thing ever to bike around with the wind in your hair!

Mornings to write, yoga, breathe. When I’m at my most relaxed, happy and balanced is when I stick to a calming morning routine.

Funnily enough, clutching my phone first thing as my eyes open, and stressing to get into the office as early as possible ‘ain’t the best way to do that. So this month I’ll be aiming to take my mornings back for writing and calm headspace.

It helps that we have a garden wonderland on our teeny-tiny balcony right now – the perfect invitation to enjoy the quiet of the day in peace.

BBQs & Meetups with friends. I am the worst at keeping in touch with people because…well because I’m a garbage person who’s eternally busy? I have those back and forth Whatsapp chats that loop endlessly like this:

‘Wanna catch up this weekend?’

‘No, busy, sorry, what about next Thursday’

‘No, I’m doing X, Y, Z’

‘What about Sunday??’

‘Damn no, I’m out with family, coffee Wednesday?’

‘Nah, classes, how about….’

and so on until eternity because all of us in our Thirties are living ridiculous lives and doing a hundred things with side hustles, and kids and summer and travel.

So this month, I’m making it a goal to socialise more, intentionally, and be present for those who matter.

Travel & Activities

We’re staying in Austria, but you didn’t think I’d skip out on some fun day trips and adventures did you? Here’s a wishlist of places we’ll be visiting to enjoy the glorious summer heat that has finally arrived in Vienna.

Neufelder am See. A quick train ride outside Vienna, this is a little chill spot we want to explore by the lakeside to get our heads out of the city. If we manage it, will give you guys a full run down of how and why you should go!

100 Tage Summer. I’ve shared this secret spot before, but it’s so seriously easy to get to and so unexpectedly awesome and beach like, that we will be returning.

Panorama 100 Tage Summer

Not a terrible way to spend a warm weekend

Alte Donau. Always. Because everyone has their favourite spot beside the Donau and ours is a beautiful grassy meadow with trees to hang our Ticket to the Moon hammock. Summery heaven awaits.

Meine Insel Boot. Ok, this is a cheat listing because I actually took a ride on these floating island boats this week but they are so so much fun that I had to share with you guys!

Floating island boats Vienna

They are €80 an hour for boat rental and you can fit 8 people on a boat – so for €10 each with a bunch of friends you can have your own floating private islands and enjoy the other side of Vienna that the tourists don’t see.

I have friends visiting this month and am pretty keen to take them for a spin on these super fun boats, with maybe a picnic and a sneaky wine bottle or two along for the ride.

That long ass list of goals should keep us busy for June – what do you have on your must-do list for the month? Let me know in the comments because I’m sure I’ve missed some fun things, June is always a beautiful month that makes you remember why living in Vienna is the best thing ever.

Volksgarten Vienna

P.S If nothing else, you HAVE to get to Volksgarten right about now – the roses are blooming and it is heaven on Earth, especially for the posey Instagrammerr hiding within us all. Go in the early morning or late evening before the tourists arrive and enjoy the blooming delight of it all!


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