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What’s On Wishlist Vienna: September 2018

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September is upon us already (ok we’re a week in and I miiiight be posting this later than expected but we’ll roll with it!) and I have to admit I’m ready for the weather to cool a little and start enjoying the turn towards Autumn. With the fresh cooler breezes comes the perfect excuse to cuddle into the couch a bit more often, or while away days in coffeehouses and cupcake stores.

Is it just me looking forward to Autumn, or are you guys feeling the pumpkin-inspired excitement too?

For this month I’ve gathered for you a guide to the events in Vienna, a selection of restaurants and brunch spots we’ll be checking out and some life goals and reccommendations for the month ahead in September. Let’s get into it!

September Events Vienna

September is the festival time of year and, some would argue more importantly, the kickoff of heuriger and wine season celebrations. Here are some of the events in Vienna this September that I’m looking forward to most.

Wiener Wandertag, 29-30th September.

 One of the highlights of the year in my books, this is the weekend where all the local wine taverns, heuriger and busenschranks throw open their doors and you can take a ‘hike’ across the vineyard dotted hills of the city to tipple on their local wines.

Honestly, Wien Wandertag is something I rave about to anyone who asks me why I love Vienna. It’s a day to walk with friends, on sun dappled vineyard hills, trying different wines, getting to know local makers and looking out over views of Vienna. You can pickup a glass in Grinzing or any of the start points of the walking trails, for a small €2 deposit, and then you just stroll the paths with mates, stopping every couple of hundred metres to try a different kind of wine. It is glorious.

How to Survive Autumn in Europe Austrian Adaptation

You can see my previous rundown of Wien Wandertag here, but suffice to say, this is a do-not-miss even in Vienna!

World Press Photo Exhibit 14th September – 20th October

Hosted in the Westlicht gallery in the 7th district, the World Press photo exhibit is an iconic photography exhibition, sharing images and stories that matter. Their annual exhibition tours the world, showcasing visual journalism and storytelling from trustworthy artists and journalists, to share ‘diverse accounts of the world that present stories with different perspectives.’

This is the perfect rainy afternoon activity to experience this years batch of quality photography, journalism and stories from around the world. You should bring that artsy friend or date to chat about the topic afterwards 😉

Wiener Wiesn’ 27th September – 14th of October

Viena’s very own Oktoberfest, right in the heart of Prater Park! This is the chance to bust out your Dirndl or Lederhosen, get yourself a Brezeln, and enjoy some traditional festival atmosphere, without the ridiculous prices and hordes of people you would see in Munich.

The festival sprawls across the heart of Prater Park, overlooked by the iconic Risenrad ferris wheel. During the day you can stroll the pathways, visit different tents trying cheese, meats, soft drinks, beers and local specialities from visiting Austrian regions. There’s plenty of live music and performance acts on various stages and in the daylight its a pretty fun atmosphere even for kids. Entry to walk the grounds is free, and in the daytime plenty of the little alm hutte’s will let you in for free too.

Wien Wiesn' Fest - Vienna's Oktoberfest

By night, the party tents kick into gear – you can book you and your buddies a big table to secure the best spot. In the beer hall tents you get served your litre steins of beer, huge platters of Austrian food (think pork knuckles and potato salad galore!) and all the traditional oompah-band music and live bands to boogie to that you can handle!

Booking tables can get competitive so check the official website here:

Gin Markt & Rum Festival Wien September 28th – 29th

Ok I swear not all events in September are centred around booze, but, this little gin festival looks pretty cool! Gin is definitely the trendy spirit of choice these days in Vienna and there are plenty of local brewers exhibiting their best at the gin festival in Ottakringer Brewery across this weekend.

The Gin Festival is a little offshoot of the larger Rumfestival being hosted in the Ottakringer Brewery, so if gin aint your thang, you can tipple on some fine rums and try your best Pirates of the Carribbean impression to the locals,

Where to Eat & Drink

As I’m travelling most of September, the list of restaurants and brunch spots to check out is a little leaner than normal, but still keen to do some exploring!

Bits & Bites: This new (to me) brunch spot in the 9th district looks the business, avo on toast, clean lines design decor, and a cool spot in the district. What’s not to love? Will report back on the brunch quality.

The Ring: We were fortunate enough to be gifted a voucher for a 4 course meal here as a wedding present, and are yet to redeem it. So, hopefully this month we can check out the gourmet menu of chef Rene Poysl and be fancy for a night.

Landkind: Our absolute addiction brunch spot and after work drinks fave, Landkind, was closed over August and it was tough you guys. No delicious Saturday brunch menu, no fresh milk bottles, no locally made wines and veggies. Stefan and I were bereft without them so you can bet your ass the minute I land back in Wien we’ll be heading here!

Check my full brunch review of Landkind here

Landkind Brunch Vienna Review


After a long and luscious summer spent in Vienna, September is crazy for travel and I’m jumping all over the place! Right now i’m in Toronto, Canada for work and next week heading to Red Deer, Calgary to visit with family.

Canada is always lovely to visit – Toronto is close enough to Melbourne-style living that it feels like home, but just slightly different enough to be interesting. As always I’m doing a dedicated brunch spots investigation and exploring some more local neighbourhoods and businesses to get under the skin of Toronto and share with you guys.

Toronto Sunset at Lakeside Beach

Did you know Toronto could look like this? Me neither!

Once in Red Deer, I’m looking forward to having some quality time with my family and catching up with my dad too – its only 4 days but when you’re living abroad, even a few days can mean so much.

Once I get back to Austria it’s straight off to the Wachau valley for a work retreat for 3 nights, staying at the XXX hotel. While it is strictly work and will likely only see the inside of a meeting room, I’m hoping we can sneak in some wine tasting and picturesque sunsets across the vineyards between brainstorming sessions.

By the last week of September i’ll finally be back in Vienna and able to enjoy all the festivities and events of September, if I’m not too pooped.


The theme for this month is creative discipline – especially when travelling and working so much, it’s so easy to get carried away with bad eating habits, not giving yourself enough time to exercise or relax and trying so many delicious snacks and restaurants that it can turn into a total blowout.

Summer was also very ‘relaxed’ for me in terms of healthy eating and fitness, as I was working on my mental health after near-burnout in June. I can see that ‘relaxed’ few months in my puffy cheeks now! But now with renewed energy I’m looking forward to getting back to my best across the board. Which means, creative discipline – giving myself time to write, windows of time to exercise and saying no when socialising gets too much.

Johanna Pizzera German School in Vienna

I’ll also be starting German class again at the start of September – back at the fabulous Johanna Pizzera German School – if I can get by B1 certificate I can apply for permanent residency, which would be a major milestone for my life in Austria, so huge life goal is to stick with classes until December to get through all the nightmare grammar!

Lastly, my biggest life goal for this month is to write more for you here on the blog – with so many great events, restaurants and fun things coming up in Vienna and our travel adventures, I’m excited to post twice a week and share it all with you!

September Reading List

The latest books I’ve read or have on the list to share with you:

Caitlin Moran’s ‘How to be Famous’. I’ve always loved her writing, but this book in particular perfectly captures the regular themes of working class, feminism and hilarity in one, while managing to weave in mid-90’s London music scene at the height of Brit-pop. Its a riot, and an easy read but the topics resonate long after you finish reading.

I literally giggled on the tram while reading this, and so many of the moments of early teenage-girlhood are recognisable, highly reccommend for you! You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Tara Westover ‘Educated’. I blazed through this book in under 3 days. It started innocently enough on the flight to Toronto, but even with jetlag dragging at my eyelids closed I couldn’t put it down.

A memoir and searing personal novel from a woman who was raised in Idaho by survivalist parents , convinced the world was ending, who never sent her to school, it tells of her personal journey to escape working the dangerous scrap metal yard of her father and make her way to modern life. Its about family, the value of education and the absolutely mind-boggling determination of her to overcome circumstance, through learning, and understanding her family along the way.

Definitely check it out here.


All up, September is already a doozy, I can’t wait to see the next weeks unfold and make the most of this rejuvenating time of year! What’s on your wishlist for this month?


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