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Neusiedlersee in Winter

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Neusiedlersee in winter is not a day trip many travellers or locals consider from Vienna – it’s more famous for the summer sports and sailing, perhaps the thermal baths nearby. This weekend, however, with snow falling and temperatures dipping below -4 Celcius, we explored what the lake had to offer with some winter adventure activities.  The idea of lacing razor …

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Readers’ Survey Results & What You’ll See More of in 2017

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Important first update of 2017 – you guys are absolutely amazing! I thought making a readers survey would be super boring  (it’s there in the title, who ever got excited about a survey?) and probably embarrassing – what if nobody replied? What if my questions were dumb? But man oh man did you lovely folk prove me wrong! I was …

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Friday Distractions: End of 2016 Wrap-Up

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Guys, if, like me, you’re going to be at work this Friday, looking down the barrel of the final weekend of 2016 – while everyone else is lazing around in a post-Christmas haze – I know you’ll need some distractions. And we all love some end of year lists and wrap ups, so let’s hop to it! Recent Reads Fuck Work. What if …

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The Best German Course in Vienna for People Who Hate Learning German

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How I went from complete failure and despair to enjoying the best German class in Vienna. Leaning comfortably on the door frame, the friendliest postman in Vienna was chattering to me in rapid-fire Deutsch, asking about my day, (or possibly my job?) and had the expectant expression I’ve seen so often that meant it was my turn to reply. My throat closed over, …

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Perchten: Austria’s wild pagan festival you have to see to believe!

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Perchten is an ancient pagan festival, meant to drive out the ‘devils of winter’ in early December with a ‘Perchtenlauf’ or parade of these devil like creatures through the centre of villages. Originating in central Europe and carried down across the centuries, it’s a tradition strongly associated with the Alpine regions and the midwinter need to drive out bad souls. It’s …

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November 2016: Burnout, breaks and bad habits.

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My eyes were smudged grey, lips dried and cracking from the cold and neglect, exhaustion itched all across my scalp and my arms felt like lead, unable to move of their own accord. It was 11pm on a Monday night, and I had finally, startlingly, hit the wall of utter burnout. My brain couldn’t tick or whirr any longer, there …

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Vienna Brunch: Waldemar Tagesbar

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The sky was pelting cold fat rain onto our balcony, looking extremely ominous from the warmth of bed. I begrudgingly scuffed my way to the kitchen longing for a warm breakfast, but instead of the delicious spread of food I’d normally find, was greeted with a very empty, very bleak cupboard. Sunday morning in Austria is the worst possible time …

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Friday Distractions: 14th October, 2016

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Happy Fri-yay! Like all creative people rocking the work-life-creative-side-hustle balance, I’ve found that sometimes your brain screeches to a grinding halt from overwork. It throws on the brakes, hands in the air and cries ‘enough! Now you must rest!’ and you find yourself lost in an internet rabbit-hole scrolling Pinterest at 1am looking for non-starfish beach wedding decor. Or, uh, …

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Wien Wandertag in pictures

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The Vienna Wine Hiking day or Wien Wandertag, combines two of the most treasured things in Austria; wine and hiking. This Saturday was perfect weather (the last of the sunshine I fear) for meeting friends, trotting up a gentle hill and stopping along the way at the Heuringer’s that throw open their doors and serve guests straight from their vineyards. It’s …