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Vienna Brunch: Waldemar Tagesbar

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The sky was pelting cold fat rain onto our balcony, looking extremely ominous from the warmth of bed. I begrudgingly scuffed my way to the kitchen longing for a warm breakfast, but instead of the delicious spread of food I’d normally find, was greeted with a very empty, very bleak cupboard. Sunday morning in Austria is the worst possible time …

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Friday Distractions: 14th October, 2016

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Happy Fri-yay! Like all creative people rocking the work-life-creative-side-hustle balance, I’ve found that sometimes your brain screeches to a grinding halt from overwork. It throws on the brakes, hands in the air and cries ‘enough! Now you must rest!’ and you find yourself lost in an internet rabbit-hole scrolling Pinterest at 1am looking for non-starfish beach wedding decor. Or, uh, …

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Wien Wandertag in pictures

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The Vienna Wine Hiking day or Wien Wandertag, combines two of the most treasured things in Austria; wine and hiking. This Saturday was perfect weather (the last of the sunshine I fear) for meeting friends, trotting up a gentle hill and stopping along the way at the Heuringer’s that throw open their doors and serve guests straight from their vineyards. It’s …

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My Vienna List – 50 things to do in Vienna in 52 weekends

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There’s a few thousand things I am still yet to do in Vienna – and I’ve lived here 4 years now. After a summer of running around Europe, spending time anywhere but Vienna, I’ve been re-evaluating how to better use the time I have living here. How to make the most of my weekends to appreciate this extraordinary expat life. It’s …

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Review of Lingoda: Or, How I Failed to Learn German (again)

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It was, in hindsight, ambitious to start any project at the beginning of summer. Particularly ambitious considering my track record with learning German (terrible). I was so hopeful, so utterly convinced that this time would be different. Maybe this time, the der, die and das would stick. Maybe this time, I’d be able to conjugate a sentence before the conversation steamed ahead …

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Weekend Getaway Guide to Ljubljana

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Vladimir Putin was ruining all of our carefully laid plans. Bloody typical. You co-ordinate 3 busy women from across 2 continents to visit a city for just 3 days and the goddamn president of Russia just had to turn up on the one day we had planned to visit Lake Bled. What an arse. Now, we were stood in the …

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Friday Distractions: July 21st, 2016

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What a whirlwind of the week. 2016 just keeps coming with the punches. Have you been taking care of yourself amongst the madness? If not, grab a coffee, (maybe some ice-cream) and dive into this weeks Friday Distractions for a well-deserved time out. The always brilliant team at Vienna Würstlestand created some Viennese emoji’s and they are spot. on. Waiting …

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Vienna’s Summer Oasis

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In high summer, Vienna’s buildings and city streets radiate concrete heat. The sun beats relentlessly down on bare foreheads, scorching red burn on unsuspecting pale arms. Without a breath of wind, Vienna can become a furnace. Fear not friends, I’m going to take you on a journey to a cool and calming place. A summer Oasis just outside the city. …

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Friday Distractions: June 24, 2016

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It’s mid-summer, the sun is scheduled to shine for the next two days straight and the weekend is winking at us. You ready for some Friday fun?   We woke up this morning to the verdict of Brexit. I find it hard to believe that the UK will be leaving, and am worried for my EU friends with livelihoods in …

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What to see, do and eat in Vienna. An Insider’s Guide.

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I’m pretty excited to share this with you guys. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while, and I cannot wait to release it into the world… Every summer, we are lucky enough to get a tonne of visitors through Vienna and without fail, each will ask me; ‘Where should we eat, what should we do, what do I need to …